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Change Of Life

Softly sleeping, under a warm quilt, dreaming

Only for the harsh reality of my loud alarm,

Ripping me rudely awake as it’s screaming

Reflexes kick in, with a thump of my arm.


Precious silence, other than my breathing.


Today, the first day of my change of life

I’d forgotten my alarm was not needed,

I was suddenly a lady of leisure, a housewife

My high pressure role has been ceded.


Loving the free time, the change of pace is nice.


I’m excited to now have the time to create

As I’ve been feeling unsettled and stifled,

But with half finished projects that I can update

Or commence a new craft is delightful.


As I’m sure any crafty person can relate.


My obsolete corporate clothes are taking up space

When they could be recycled and reused,

I’m strictly opposed to anything going to waste

And my favourite fabrics can be recut and renewed.


Maybe a patchwork quilt of memories interlaced.


I then proceeded to spend many an hour and a day

Cutting up my clothing using scissors by hand,

Until I had literally hundreds of fabric squares laid

In the style of the bedroom quilt I had planned.


Moving squares until I was pleased with the display.


I decided this quilt would be a gift for my son

A colourful surprise for his bedroom,

I’d secretly hand sew each tiny stitch, until done

Hoping it would become a family heirloom.


Eventually passed down to my grandson.


Many many nights sitting in front of a show

A labour of love, sweat and tears,

Slowly the quilt continued to grow

Ensuring the quality would last through the years.


Suddenly all that’s left is the border to sew.


I loved every minute putting this quilt together

As it satisfied my creative urge,

Perfect timing as here comes the cold weather

And my son climbed underneath fully submerged.


Promising to keep his gift forever and ever. 


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