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Happy Sad Tears

Sometimes holding it all in

Takes a little more strength,

Than we can find at times

When the pressures intense.


We have a defence mechanism

Built in to relieve the pressure,

Releasing in the form of tears

A cleansing spiritual endeavour.


I remember when my children

Left to start their exploration,

Time they grew their wings

And followed their imagination.


I cried on each occasion

Cried for the sense of loss,

Leaving their childhood

Always comes at a cost.


I cried for sheer happiness

To see their confident selves,

Ready to take on the world

And to childhood farewell.


I cried for the excitement

As they come into their own,

Wearing their independence

Their doubt now overthrown.


I cried as I felt so proud

Of the young men they are,

Forever in my eyes

They’ll be my shining star.


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