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Her Own Worst Enemy

Though few would understand

She is all grown up now

But then has she really,

Or has she just forgotten

Deliberately or freely?


I see her inner children

When she was a little girl,

Her false smile, even then

Shyly hiding behind her curls.


Her eyes as big as her heart

Her love sheltered inside,

Her tears buried so deeply

Her pain something to hide.


She had grandeur dreams

Happiness her only goal,

Until every dream shattered

And buried in her old soul.


The years passed slowly

But I see her sweet teen,

She’s quieter, sadder, wiser

Knowing never to be seen.


She grew into her darkness

Where nothing was the same,

She took up training dragons

Learning to breathe flames.


Once she reach adulthood

She understood the outcasts,

As they made the best friends

Not judging her for her past.


They were the only ones to know

How it felt totally out of control,

They understood the heartache

Borne of a self destructive soul!

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