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Love Is Not Enough

There is so much more that is necessary

I have been asked the question

Is love enough, yes or no?

I can honestly tell you

I learnt first hand you know.


There is so much more needed

For a relationship to last,

There’s respect for each other

And honesty about the past.


Compromise is hugely important

Especially if it is one sided,

There’s give and take too

If just taking, it’s misguided.


Compatibility is a key to love

Without it there will be issues,

Listen quietly to each other

Or you’re going to need tissues.


These are just some examples

Of traits needed over and above,

There are many many more

That are needed other than love.


No, love is definitely not enough

For your relationship to survive,

You’ll need so much more

For you both to stay and thrive.

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