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No More Me

I can see it’s time to surrender

There’s no point in fighting anymore,

I’ll pack up all you’ve left behind

And walk you out the door.


There’s very little point

In holding a love that’s died,

Our love used to be so easy

That we never really tried.


I surrender now, you win

I’ve only to look into your eyes,

You’re dreaming of the future

Hoping freedom is your prize.


I know that I’ll miss

The phone calls late at night,

The hours in front of my TV

And the times you held me tight.


You’ll find someone to replace me

And keep you from the cold,

On the days you’re feeling low

It’ll be in their arms you fold.


So it’s game, set, match to you

I’ll let you go without a fight,

So see the white flag flying

I’ll kiss you goodbye tonight. 


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