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She Built Her Fortress Without Doors And Reinforced It With Steel And Tears 

Under lock and key

She wandered through life, learning as she goes

But it didn’t take long for her to learn to protect,

The world is not a fair place, or especially kind

In all aspects, more so as her heart was wrecked.


Over the years she became more guarded, wary

Of those that easily sprouted love from their lips,

A word that can mean so much but also so little

While her heart was open she was not equipped.


She built walls to wrap around her tender heart

Soft walls that were easily climbed, in any case,

So she rebuilt these walls in stone, a lot higher

Learning that love is cruel, easy to be replaced.


Until recently she found love entering her domain

It had entered her castle and unlocked the door,

The stone barricade wrapped around her heart

Crumbled at his feet, promising all he had in store.


She smiled lovingly as she noticed all the debris

Stone scattered far and wide, all torn asunder,

Somehow he had destroyed all her protection

As she gazed on, filled with awe and wonder.


Then overnight her world broke one more time

She was left standing in the graveyard of stone,

Too hurt, too devastated to really understand

How it was she found herself once more alone.


That’s when she knew she needed to learn fast

Build that barricade back around her tender heart,

Love had left her bloody, bruised and battered

As she watched all her joy and happiness depart.


She has now taken great care to build a structure

That encloses her heart to all, she’ll no longer fear,

This time she decided to build a large fortress

Built without doors, reinforced with steel and tears. 

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