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She Watches From Her Lofty Height

Willing us to believe

She looks on from above the clouds

As she plays in her new world, laughing gaily

Looking down upon the world of concrete

Saddened by the destructiveness of mankind

And the effect on the lay of the land.


She once lived down there

Innocent and in the arms of family

Until one fateful day

Where she was ripped from that world

From her family, from her life.


There are days she swings from the cloudy sky

Gum boots adorning her tiny feet

Long blonde hair held back in a scrunchy

Keeping it from her eyes

As she gazes upon madness and mayhem.


She holds no fear

Knowing she has lived through the worst

Should she fall from aloft

She’ll be caught in loving hands

And placed gently back on her swing.


She misses her earth born family

Waiting for that special day to arrive

Unification sometime within their future

As for her, days now stand still

Time will always be on her side.


Chaos reins on the earth bound

She wonders if they realise the futility of it all

The attempt at control a thinly veiled dream

One they’ll never achieve in this life

With knowledge they deny.


She descends, offering her hugs and love

To complete strangers

But they’re unaware, shrugging off the support

As anxiety creeps about it’s day

Infecting all at will.


She needs us to change our belief systems

Wake to the world with fresh eyes

Stop and feel the sunshine on our burdened shoulders

Lightening the load

Discovering we are never truly alone. 


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