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The Alternate Realities In The Mind Of A Child

The creative imagination of this tiny being

The creativeness, the imagination of a young child is impressive

As they live in alternate realities that adults have sadly forgotten,

Every day a different adventure, a different game, a different time

Invisible friends, battle fields, costumes made of red silk cotton.


Children can see through the veil, watching the realities of history

The possibilities of each tomorrow; past, present, fullness of time,

As one exciting reality catches their eye, they step in, let it play out

As they learn, laugh and enjoy life, knowing life is part of the divine.


A young girl sitting on a window ledge, gazing out at the sunny view

She watches the neighbour’s small dog, cavorting through the grass,

But what she actually sees, thinks and feels, is so totally different

As she imagines the dog is a super hero, spying through an eyeglass.


The story will play out in front of her very eyes, as she laughs gaily

The neighbour’s dog suddenly grows tall, becoming a brown bear,

Chasing down the bank robbers who are trying desperately to hide

As the bear gains ground, catching them, they get a horrid scare.


That little girl on the window ledge, watches all this play out with glee

Her tiny hand covering her mouth, as she chortles with deep laughter,

And the storyline outside changes, all the characters are now puppies

Running around in circles, yipping, chasing each other’s tails thereafter.


A small boy child is sitting on his lounge room floor, playing with his toys

He picks up a book, opening the pages, standing it upright on the floor,

Suddenly in his little mind and eyes, the floor is a dry, hard-packed plain

A savannah in the heat of his made-up world, the book acting as a door.


He now sits on the hard-packed and cracking terrain, watching the scene

As he spies on the other side, a grassy plain full of mountains and clouds,

He no longer sees words on a page, as his mind takes him to his new world

One where he can run in the wild, play and surrender to all it enshrouds.


He races over to the mountains, climbing quickly, until reaching the very top

And here he knows he is the King of all that he can see, high above his land,

He can start a war, build a village and farmland or dream up a playground

Changing the scenery, adding in people and animals with a slight of hand.


Every day a new world is delivered by the youngest of imaginative minds

One where they can escape the harshest of realities, any time at their will,

Always a winner, the best of the best, learning, playing and giggling in glee

If only they’d grow up to be an adult, with their imagination in full form still. 


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  1. It takes a bit of work and practice, but I believe we can re-capture these childlike glimpses in quiet daydreaming.
    Thanks for reminding me to do some of this today.