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The Autumn Queen

Majestic Ruler in the Forest of Dreams

The forest looks eerie and dead

I’m hesitant to wander inside,

Ghostly trees with pale trunks

Leaves disappearing to hide.


The forest soldiers undressing

As the bark peels to the ground,

Foliage at floor level dried, dead

And the white mist all surrounds.


I carefully take a step forward

Enveloped in the eeriest silence,

No buzz of a bee, song of a bird

Are they dead or fled in alliance?


Another couple of steps inside

The crunch of the dead leaves,

So loud as my feet crush them

Limbs bowing as they grieve.


I slowly turn in a circle searching

Looking for any colour in sight,

The mist is so very convincing

As it tries to tell me it is night.


I know it’s really not true at all

It’s not even noon by my time,

I’ve heard the rumours in town

Darkness, a death knell climb.


I spin suddenly, glimpsing colour

Hiding behind those dark trees,

A woman, partly fading in and out

Dressed in brown Autumn leaves.


No I’m mistaken, more colours

There’s browns, orange, reds,

Black, yellow and white as well

Woven together in fine threads.


A quilted skirt of forest leaves

A crown of tree limbs in her hair,

Plant seeds adorn both wrists

And the fur shoes she wears.


Nature’s saviour, I’ve no doubt

In no time the forest will be green,

She’ll weave her magic in a day

She’s the long lost Autumn Queen.  


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