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The Boy And His Wolf 

The two rebels of the forest

In the middle of the forest

In the land of the fairies,

There lived a little boy

And his wolf of the prairies.


Oh, the adventures they saw

This little boy and his puppy,

They climbed forest trees

Playing until they’re muddy.


They chatted to each other

Told far fetched, odd stories,

Of fairies they had run into

When exploring their territory.


They wanted so badly to fly

And the puppy grinned in glee,

As the fairies held him high

As they flew through the trees.


The little boy stood clapping

Knowing it was his turn next,

He knows no one else believes

Saying it was all special effects.


But he knew he and his puppy

Flew over the trees, way up high,

As they touched the soft clouds

At the very top of the blue sky.


After the fairies set them down

The boy and his wolf raced off,

Looking for treasure in the forest

Until the boy started to cough.


The boy climbed onto his pup

The wolf run as fast as he could,

He had to find the fairies again

His boy was sick, he understood.


At the treehouse they rushed

Putting the boy into a dry bed,

Waving wands, casting spells

The wolf thought he was dead.


But it turned out to be a dream

The evil witch had cast a spell,

The boy and his wolf too strong

Together, the two always rebel.


The witch had met her match

The boy and wolf may be young,

Together, wolf, boy and fairies

Captured and cut out her tongue. 


Originally posted on Medium 

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