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The Closing Of A Chapter

Necessary but painful

Starts in the chest, a dull ache

A heart that is running its own race,

As it sinks, of its very own accord

Toughen up, grieve at your pace.


Regrets, live with each and every one

Trying to learn the necessary lessons,

Not all is bad, there’s some good to see

Although I’m not proud of my confessions.


Missing, pining, a different outcome

Too late now, the race has been run,

It was short and sweet, devastating

There were parts that were even fun.


Dreams, wishes, hopes and desires

All experienced at one time or another,

The good is written in stone and mortar

Memories and feelings for the other.


Tales woven in magic and grace

A part of life to never be forgotten,

Carried buried deep in my heart

Little nuances tried and begotten.


One day we will remember fondly

Not yet, it’s way too soon and new,

Private thoughts tormented

Replacements, we’ve both a few.


I’d love to talk some more one day

Learn, educate, mischievous play,

I would listen to all you had to say

We’ll both survive and finish okay.


At night, I vividly view and remember

No escaping my real life dreams,

You never did feel as you promised

You quit regularly or so it seems.


Our time is lost, never to be again

I’m thankful you cut off all hope,

You severed it quickly, one swift cut

Giving me the tools needed to cope.


Remember one day, the possibility

The outcome and our potential,

Discarded as easily as the bath water

Pain immediate and consequential. 

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  1. “Discarded as easily as bath water
    Pain immediate and consequential”
    Great phrasing. Being drained out of someone’s life like Bath water.