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You Are My Heart

You are the best thing to ever happen to me

My world would be incomplete without you

My days would be cold without your smile,

My house empty without your footsteps

Your presence makes my life worthwhile.


My ears would be deaf without your laughter

Your conversations have now become my song,

Your hugs are my haven, my safe place

Your happiness is my goal, it’s where I belong.


Your safety is paramount to my peacefulness

Knowing you are at peace is my blessing,

Seeing you sprout your wings, to fly free

You’re individuality growing and progressing.


My heart would be bloody without your joy

I would be a shell of the person I have become,

My strength would be nothing without you

You’re the best thing to happen to me, my son.


Life would not be worth living without you here

I couldn’t bear the thought of us being apart,

Experiencing your joys, sadness and small wins

Are our precious memories, as you are my heart. 


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