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You Survived My Child

You did not lose the fight

I wore a smile that did not belong to me

A disguise for my brokenness and pain,

Although I smile, I wanted to fall apart

Never knowing if I’ll survive this again.


There were others stalking me and my life

Their attempts are trying to destroy me,

I wanted to laugh in the eyes of them all

But another part of me wished to flee.


Instead I decided to quietly walk away

And fight off my own self destruction,

The ring of truth was highlighted to me

I could become their biggest obstruction.


Really, who could destroy me; but me

I will never give them the satisfaction,

Or the pleasure of killing my self love

They’d soon weary of the attraction.


But if they didn’t, they need to watch out

As I will not go down easy, without a fight,

This is my life they are playing games with

And will soon realise that is not their right.


I soon learned, as a very young child

That I had to fight my way through life,

I fought battles, even as a little one

Tolerating words that cut like a knife.


I never imagined I’d become a survivor

Of untold horrors I’ve lived through,

At times too young to understand

Traumatic times where I withdrew.


So if you ever find me fighting free

In a field of lightening bolts and fire,

Please take me home, brush me off

Telling me once more, “I am a survivor.”

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