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Trans-Celestials Part VI: Interrogation Continues

Part six in the continuing saga that is the back story for Cradle of Chaos!


“We come in search of refuge,” Iliana began. “Our home is on the verge of destruction. We must find a suitable place to settle and begin anew. Chandria appears to be most compatible to Earth in many aspects. We believe we can endure and survive here.”

Under normal circumstances, Assassa’s compassion was limitless. In this instance however, he found himself scraping the bottom of the barrel desperately seeking a seed of empathy for this group. It was no use. Angry, he exploded.

“Is this how you seek sanctuary from those who are in a position to offer aid? You burst into our world all the while saying you come in peace! You have no experience in peace! There is an obvious reason why Trans-Celestials successfully live in peace and harmony while Humans are either unwilling or don’t know how.”

“I respectfully disagree, Sir. Please allow me to address how and why we came here.”

Assassa nodded.

“We did not expect to encounter living beings, let alone any that can communicate with us on this side of Chandria. We believed this area to be desolate,” the Colonel reacted.

Commander Ilim scoffed.

The level of ignorance displayed by so many Earthlings is astounding! This one pleasantly surprises me, though she is so misinformed. There is so little diversity within the different cultures on Earth, yet this one is in this role. She has found her peace because she is aware peace comes from within and radiates out.

“Why? What would cause you to believe any part of Chandria is uninhabited?”

“Studies and data collected during past voyages, as well as the use of drones, support our theory this is a planet suited for human life. We saw nothing in our findings that would indicate life, as we know it, to exist on Chandria even though your atmosphere is analogous to Earth’s. Therefore, we thought it prudent to pay Chandria a visit; and explore.”

Derisive laughter rang out loudly.

“I pity your kind! Therein lies your arrogance. You say you saw no evidence of life, ‘as you know it’, here on Chandria.” Assassa chuckled scornfully. “Why won’t humans accept there are many forms of intelligent life in the universe? It is obvious you acknowledge only the ones you recognize. Earthlings with small minds are what you are. You are only capable of using a small portion of your magnificent brain!

“And what say you about love?”

“Sir, it is true we struggle with our emotions on Earth. Love and peace feel the same to anyone who experiences those feelings. We truly believe they go hand in hand.”

“Really?” Assassa sneered.

An indignant Iliana stiffened in anger before answering.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, I find that interesting. You see, love is not a game. The word itself is overused on Earth and its meaning diminished. Any fool can say the words then neglect to exhibit the emotion with action. To put it simply: when space explorers are captured on land not their own and say they come peacefully, the party intruded on is expected to acquiesce to the lie.

“I recall those very words being muttered right before the last war between us and another group of your astronauts broke out here. The events of that intrusion are as fresh today as they were then. To you, it was long ago; long forgotten and never spoken of.”

Iliana’s eyebrows turned inward with confusion.

“Sir, we are unaware of any war here on Chandria. As I mentioned earlier, we have intel confirming this side of Chandria to be uninhabited.”

Assassa’s now awakened ire gave birth to a reverberating baritone. “Do not try to deceive me!”

Iliana’s adrenaline shot through her. She imagined her teammates experiencing the same thing. “I swear, neither I nor my crew have any knowledge of what you speak!”

The commander sensed she was telling the truth, but this did not sway him toward sympathy.

They must be told of the lies and their consequences.

“Then you have been lied to. Vital information has been withheld from you.”

“I… we…” Iliana stuttered. This sudden allegation spun her mind around. “What do you mean information has been withheld from us? Why should I believe anything you say?” The colonel’s thoughts crashed into one another. Conspiracy theory? Deceitful government? It can’t be! I’m IN this! Could any of this be true? The crew! We missed our check in with the star ship. I have to find a way to get word to the crew.

Iliana’s thoughts were interrupted by Assassa’s voice.

“The year you recognize as 1969, all on Earth were led to believe an American man landed on your moon. He got out of his capsule just so he could stab the ground with a pole waving a piece of cloth tied around it and claim it. Colonel, that is the information your governors - those who make up what you call your government - wanted you to accept as fact. The photos and film you were shown were not real. The truth is human astronauts landed on our land and boldly invaded us. War broke out. Your kind has been invading our home longer than you think. And even after defeat, you defiantly continue to do so.”

Iliana could not believe her ears.

This can’t be true!

“Commander, Sir. If what you say is true, we were not made aware of any previous expeditions.”

Human casualties?

“I would assume there were casualties?”

“Indeed, after much destruction, many perished on both sides. However, some of your people did survive - barely. We have been holding those humans in retaliation for the ravaging of our women’s bodies, the torture they imposed on them and the amalgams that resulted from their evil lust.”

“Sir….” Iliana attempted to interrupt the commander, who forcefully held up his forearm.

“Silence! You will listen to the truth.”

Assassa waited for his message he would no longer tolerate excuses or delay to sink in. They will hear the truth whether they like it or not. He spoke quietly and deliberately, making sure every word he uttered was heard and understood.

“Some of our raped and tortured women opted to abort their offspring. Many died in the process for it is a sin in our culture to terminate life, particularly a new life. Those born of a hybrid pregnancy, or amalgams, are destined to forever be shunned, abandoned, aborted and sometimes killed after birth for their resemblance to their human half. Few survived. Some survivors, like one who goes by the name Ovus Marinus, exhibit more human qualities than Chandrian. Amalgams serve no purpose on Chandria and often die by their own hand or are rescued by other trans-celestials like the Orbitians.

“Do you really expect me to believe you were sent here solely in search of a refuge for your race with no knowledge of our existence?”

Iliana shifted her weight from foot to foot.

I can’t let them kill us. Or worse.

“Commander, with all due respect, on behalf of NASA and all humans, please accept our deepest condolences for your loss.”

Assassa knew she was sincere in that if she could pay the price for what her governors have done, she would. He saw an opening for humanity but still was wary of the humans.

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