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Cursed Time Lovers: Chapter 4

Miranda opens her eyes to a blur of shapes surrounding her. She feels damp all over and the cool temperature in the room causes her to shiver. When her eyes finally come into focus, she sees her mom sitting on the couch next to her with tears glistening in her eyes.

“Sweetie, are you okay? You weren’t breathing for nearly 2 minutes.” her mom asks, as she swipes her stray hair away from the sheen on her forehead, “I…don’t know.” she says, feeling her throat tighten at the weird trip to the past she just took.

She doesn’t know how it happened or why she was seemingly trapped in Dolly’s mind. It was like their minds were linked somehow, but she had no control over what Dolly said or did. Like a movie she couldn’t press pause on, no matter how hard she tried.

Out of the corner of her eye, Miranda sees her dad kneel on the floor next to her and she notices the tears streaming down his cheeks. An image of her dad wearing a cape that her mom helped her sew for him appears in her mind. He’s always been her hero. 

He grabs her hand in his, as the red lights begin to swirl around the room. Of course they called the ambulance, she was supposedly not breathing for 2 minutes. She feels herself start shaking thinking about it.

“You really scared us there, we thought we’d lost you.” he says, as his eyes lock with hers. The tears begin to cascade slowly down my cheeks, as the blaring sirens fill the room. A few moments pass before the front door opens and the paramedics storm in. She quickly squeezes her dad’s hand and then looks over at her mom.

“I’m going to be okay, promise.” she says, as the paramedics reach the couch and her parents move back. They take all her stats and then roll her out of the house on a stretcher to the ambulance.

There’s no way that she’s telling them about what happened because they’d think she’s insane. As they start to load her into the back, she catches a glimpse of Walter bathed in the moonlight, as he peeks his head around one side of the big oak tree.

She stares at him for a moment and wishes she had some way of telling him where her savings stash is in her room. When she’s secured, she watches her mom climb in and take a seat on the left side of her. She meets her mom’s eyes and can see the worry lines pronounced and etched on her forehead. Miranda wonders if she’s just given her these lines tonight or if they’ve been there for a long time?

She feels her throat tighten, as she reaches to grasp her hand. Her mom gives her a small smile and the two remain like that, until they reach the hospital. When they arrive in the emergency loading station, the paramedics quickly unload her from the ambulance, and wheel her through the E.D. entrance.

The blinding lights above cause her to reach up and shield her eyes. She sees bright red light on the inside of the hand covering her eyes, as the stretcher suddenly comes to a stop. She feels like she’s gliding as she’s transferred from the stretcher to the bed, in one swift motion. 

She slightly opens two of her fingers and peeks out. Miranda sees a nurse glancing at her chart on a computer next to her bedside. She’s wearing purple scrubs and large thickly shaped glasses. Her grey frosted hair reminds her of her late grandma’s.

“Miss Lindell, how are you feeling?” she asks, as she leans over to look at her. She takes her hand away from her eyes, “I’m feeling fine.” she says with a tight smile. 

The nurse checks her pulse, heart with a stethoscope, and then ensures that her pupils aren’t dilated. When the nurse finishes, she watches her input the data into the computer, and then shifts her attention back over to her.

“Well, Miss Lindell, everything looks normal.” she says, pushing her glasses further up the bridge of her nose, “We’re going to admit you overnight. I’m sure the doctor will order a CT Scan in the morning and have bloodwork done,” she says before leaving the room.

Miranda takes a deep steadying breath, the smell of antiseptic and cleaning fluid causing warm bile to fill her throat. She closes her eyes and thinks about the vacation her family took to Hawaii last year. The scorching sun, the lapping waves, and laying out on the beach.

“Miss Lindell.” asks the nurse who attended her earlier. She opens her eyes slowly and notices two other nurses, one man with sandy blonde hair in his late twenties, very cute, with both a green eye and a yellow eye. The other nurse standing to his left is a female nurse, with greying auburn hair pushed back into a ponytail, more than likely in her mid 40s, with a black stethoscope hanging around her neck.

Miranda turns her attention back to her nurse, “Yes.” she says, meeting the nurse’s eyes, “We’re going to take you up to the fifth floor now. I’ve already told your mother and father in the waiting room which room we’re moving you to.” she says with a small smile. She gives her a smile back, “ Thank You.” she says, as she watches the nurse nod, and the other two nurses start to wheel her up to the fifth floor.

As they are navigating their way through the hospital hallways, she sees a doctor with white hair and slightly shaky hands, examining a little girl, whose head is bandaged all the way around. From her viewpoint she can clearly see crimson blood seeping through the bandage and briefly wonders how the little girl sustained such a bad head injury. Was it just a simple accident or something much more sinister? She shivers at the thought.

The next person she sees is a man being wheeled into surgery. He’s wincing and thrashing around, muttering, “No, let me go, please, let me go.” Miranda shivers again, as she watches the man disappear behind the operating room doors. She wonders if he’s mentally unstable or just afraid to have surgery.

When they finally arrive at her room for the night, a few minutes later, she exhales a breath she didn’t even think she was holding. From her bizarre connection with Dolly and Walter, to her whole strange experience here in the hospital, it all seems so surreal. 

She sighs, as she closes her eyes once again. Walter, with his short black hair, gleaming green eyes, and sexy smirk, appears in her mind. She wonders how he’s doing in the present on such a cold night with no place to stay?

Miranda feels tears begin to prick her eyes for the man she hardly knows. She hears the door to her room suddenly open and quickly wipes the tears away, “Miranda, honey, are you okay?” asks her mom, rushing over to her side. She sits in the chair on the left side of her bed. She gives her mom a wide smile that makes her cheeks hurt.

 “I’m doing fine, mom. Just really tired.” she says, as she meets her mom’s eyes. She notices her dad shuffling over to her bed to stand behind her mom.. He gently places his hand on her mom’s right shoulder and meets her eyes, “Try to get some sleep, we’ll be right here.” he says, with a smile that doesn’t quite meet his eyes. She gives him a nod before pulling up her sheets and closing her eyes.

Miranda takes a deep breath. 100… 99…98…97..96…95…95…95. She mentally slaps herself. 95..95…His green eyes pierce hers before her mind travels over the curvature of his body, now dressed in his green army uniform, looking dapper. Dapper? 

She feels her breath quicken. 95…95…95…95. His eyes are suddenly black and his body is lying down mangled on the battlefield. Tears fill her eyes and she tightly grabs the bed sheets at her sides. 95…95…95. She feels herself begin to thrash violently.

95 days. She, no Dolly, hadn’t received a letter from Walter for 95 days. He had been Missing in Action. 95 days.

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