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Come Back to Me 

The table spread out before me was a platter of breakfast food fit for a king. Eggs, hash browns, toast, coffee, grits, pancakes, and much more. I could smell the delectable aroma and my mouth began to water. Had I been able to move my arms, I would have dug in immediately. My stomach roared in protest from the lack of nourishment over the last few days. I had not had a single thing to eat in three days. And water, only a few sips. My mouth was so dry I could practically feel the cacti sprouting up over my tongue. I spotted a large glass of orange juice on the opposite side of the table and I hung my head. All this was nothing more than a tease. I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink any of it. How could I? My arms and legs had been zip tied to the chair.

I had no idea how I had come to be in this place. I simply woke up there a few days prior. From what I could gather, it was a basement. It’s all I knew. The first day had been spent calling out for help and trying to find a weakness in the chair and ties. Obviously, I found none. A masked person came in once a day to give me a small bit of water. Enough to keep me alive, I imagine. It was cruel. It was horrible. Worst of all, I didn’t know why it was happening.

As I wondered if I could somehow rock my chair forward to grab even a small piece of bacon in my mouth, the basement door swung open. I expected to see my masked captor standing at the top of the stairs as usual. But not this time. I didn’t expect to see her again but, suddenly, there she was. My ex-wife. My mouth hung open in awe. Until this moment, I had always assumed that expression was something writers shoehorned into novels to get the point across but here I was, doing it myself.

She casually walked down the stairs, swinging her hips from side to side. It was almost hypnotic. She smiled at me and sat across the table, taking a long gulp of orange juice. “What the hell is going on,” I shouted. Again, she smiled and slid a piece of bacon into her mouth. I could almost taste it myself. God, I was hungry.

“You were a naughty boy, Hugh.” She picked an apple from the table and took a bite. “You left me and found a new woman. That really broke my heart, Hugh.” I stared at her in confusion. We had divorced years ago and I had moved on with my life. Wasn’t that normal? Isn’t that what everyone did? None of this made any sense.

“Just let me go, Maria. I don’t know what it is you’re doing here but-”

She picked up a knife and stood up quickly. As she walked around the table, she let the blade drag across the wood. With two delicate fingers, she picked up another strip of bacon, only this time she held it out for me. Without hesitation, I gobbled it up. The taste was remarkable. My stomach growled in exuberance. I then watched as Maria slid the knife under the ties around my arms and cut them loose. “Eat up,” she said and walked out of the room.

There was no hesitation. I ate everything I could get my hands on. Like a savage, I stuffed the bacon and sausages into my mouth and washed it down with a mix of coffee and orange juice. I found steak mixed in with the eggs and ripped it apart. When I was done, the table looked like a hurricane had swept through.

Maria once again opened the door and trotted down the stairs. She stared at me and the mess with glee. I wondered if she had poisoned the food and decided I didn’t care. I’d rather die than be trapped down here any longer.

“So, how was she?” she asked. Utter confusion clouded my mind. Was she asking me how the sex with my current wife was? What an odd thing to-Then it clicked. I looked at the table of demolished food and cried. I tried to vomit but nothing would come up. Maria giggled and came closer, pulling her phone from her pocket. She swiped across the screen and I saw images that nearly made me pass out. There was Maria, carving up my wife, Casey, like a fucking Thanksgiving turkey. My blood boiled under my skin. Maria titled her head back and cackled. “Ready to come back to me?” She howled.

I took no time grabbing the steak knife she had loosely gripped in her hand and embedded it under her chin. She gurgled and choked on the blood now spurting from her neck. Her eyes grew wide and she looked down at me in disbelief. I could see the life draining from her eyes as she took a small step back. I reached out to snatch the knife back but I missed and she tumbled backwards to the floor. A pool of crimson seeped out from under her body. I screamed in frustration and panic. Desperately, I tried to kick my legs free to no avail.

It’s been days since all of this happened and I’ve not been able to get free from this chair. The god damned thing is bolted to the floor and I have nothing to break the ties with. I can feel the weakness setting in and the stench from Maria’s rotting flesh will soon become unbearable. I’m writing this for the person who will, hopefully, find my body. I want the world to know what happened here.  

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