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The Ghastly Guest House


Four friends plan for a picnic on holiday and encounter an unprecedented incident in their life. It was a pleasant Sunday morning when all four step out of their homes, to enjoy the beauty of nature. After a grueling journey, they plan to languid in some guest house as the dusk had set in and find a good one at last. One of the friends, Ricky becomes rambunctious on seeing the house and strongly insists on a midnight sojourn so that they could invigorate themselves and head on for a journey in the dawn. The moment they enter the house, a receptionist gives a warm welcome with a broad smile and registers their names. Alex, who is a brother of Ricky, gives a dubious stare as he finds her gestures weird and portent. Joseph and Glenn stay in one room and Ricky and his brother in the other room. When the clock strikes 10, everything blacks out with complete darkness. All four adjourn for a walk after having supper until the power resumes. An old man standing outside admonishes them to stay away from the receptionist, but they scoff off his allusions. Alex sees the receptionist moving towards the dense forest and suddenly disappearing. When he tells the same to his friends and brother, they mock and laugh at him. After some time when power resumes, they enter the house gleefully. Glenn for the want of water wakes up at midnight and spots a huge blood mark on the glass which scares him to rush towards the room. He finds Josephs’ head hung from the ceiling fan after opening the door, and immediately motions to Alex’s room to intimate the same but finds Ricky dead there. Now Alex and Glenn decide to rescue from the house leaving aside a few changes of clothes and other accessories. Receptionist with protruding eyes and burnt ears chases to kill them. Both of them run for their lives up and down but are unable to come out of the house. An old man standing outside comes to their rescue by breaking the glass window and suggests setting the house on fire at the earliest before the clock strikes 12. Once it strikes midnight, she will augment her power to such a compass that no human can dare to kill her anymore. Buckling under pressure, Glenn searches for a matchbox but fails to get any. An old man plots a machination to finish her but he is put to death himself by that grotesque witch. Alex finds a lighter and inkles Glenn to jump out of the house to set it on fire to finish the witch forever. Conflagration spreads across the wooden building rapidly leaving no chance for her to survive and both of them come out all in one piece. The same night they pack their luggage and return home.

Recommended1 Simily SnapPublished in Adventure, Horror, Mystery/Thriller

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  1. You can best read this story under the genre “Horror” to avoid any confusion. I thought u might have understood by reading the title of the story that why was it sorted under the three genres kindred to each other but anyway no problem!