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The Earth is far from the way it used to be after a fire caused by rising temperatures turned most of the land untillable. Year after year of forest fires, and heatwaves took their toll on agriculture. Eventually, crop production became insufficient for the world’s population.

Nations were barely surviving as people once again experienced famine. The danger level of society was almost similar to times of war if not the primitive period. These days, it wasn’t uncommon to see someone collapse on the street due to starvation or malnutrition. Years of education seemed worthless now, and research merely ended up on papers.

“What’s the point of studying anything if I’m going to die from hunger? Knowledge doesn’t seem to amount to anything now.” Such are the thoughts of Malayari as he walks to the bus station.

“For the love of bees, I know that I love what I’m doing but I’m just tired of it all. I’m barely making a living with the salary. Then there’s the lack of funds on bee research, even when it’ll literally help improve food shortage!” “Fucking irony,” Malayari exclaimed.

“Tell me about it, but you still ended up accepting the fieldwork anyway,” Capra, a fellow researcher, replied, as she joined him to wait.

Malayari looked at her and sighed as they both entered the bus.

He took the task that no one wanted, that is, visiting an abandoned cabin to confirm a beehive’s location. At this point, Malayari can’t fathom his reasoning anymore, or what kind of motivation is keeping him on. He only knows that he must go on.

And so, the day of the cabin inspection came.

When he reached the place, he saw that there are plants nearby.

“It’s a good sign that there are plants,” Malayari mumbled to himself, “I wonder if there’s water around though, it’s another essential.”

He inspected under the cabin’s porch and got distracted when the wind blew some dust into his eyes. After gaining his sight, he noticed that there’s a window leading to a basement. “Of course! Light entering the basement would attract bees,” he exclaimed as he headed into the cabin without hesitation. Somehow, the thought that he’d find what he’s looking for down there gave him a sense of hope.

Malayari opened the door to the basement and went down the stairs tracing his steps carefully through the dim light. And there, he found beehives in the middle of the room, where a hole has been created on the floor.

“Weird, usually they would be on the ceiling,” he thought to himself. He moved closer to check its state when insects suddenly sprung out from the hive.

“Ah!!! Blowflies! Why are they here?!” Malayari shouted in surprise. Then, a voice came from nowhere.

“Oh no, someone, help us!” Capra cried as she holds Malayari’s body.

“Mad honey?!” she exclaimed. When she saw what was on his hand, she knew it was too late.

“Mad honey?” repeated Malayari.

“I’ve overdosed,” he realized.    

Recommended1 Simily SnapPublished in Flash Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Sci Fi