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Chicago Tornado

A tornado in the Chicago area that wrecked homes, knocked down trees, knocked out power, and caused multiple injuries. Five people were hospitalized from the damage in Naperville.Other homes were damaged in the Naperville area around 11 pm on Sunday when a tornado was by a city spokeswoman Linda Lacloche where the tornado happened. More than 120 other reports of property damage had been reported by 5 am on Monday in Chicago. More than 450 power outages were reported. People in Chicago are lucky that this tornado wasn’t worse otherwise it would have been even more terrifying. Caught on camera there is a video showing the damage that was done several trees were toppled and damage to homes and vehicles in the path of the storm. On Sunday, damaging at least 75 structures, and damage testing was going on. There were no reports of significant injuries in the community, but people were urged to avoid the area due to knocked out power lines and trees. The storm destroyed the second floor of Bridget Casey’s Woodridge home. She sat in a lawn chair in the driveway before the sun came up on Monday. Her son, Nate Casey, who is 16 years old said he was watching TV when the storm swept through and he raced to help his mother get his three younger siblings to the basement. When the crash happened Nate was worried about his brothers and what they are up to. Matt Friedlein, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Romeoville, Illinois, said a team from the weather service would be surveying storm damage Monday to determine the reported tornado’s strength and its path. He said the same storm is believed to have rolled through Naperville, Woodridge and Darien, and may have also caused damage in Burr Ridge, about 20 miles southwest of Chicago. No one died at the scene that day at the time of damage most people at 11 pm were asleep. Radar showed that the storm was going to impact other parts of Chicago in the north in Hobart, South Haven, and Indiana. More serious storms hit the midwest, where a tornado damaged buildings, power lines, and trees in Iowa on Sunday night. Most of the tornado damage was reported in the town of Bernard no injuries were found. On Sunday and early Monday, severe thunderstorms brought gusting winds and drenching rains to parts of Michigan. And in Missouri, a thunderstorm with strong winds whipped through parts of the state late Sunday and early Monday knocking down trees and power lines.

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