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letter of intent 

Why are you interested in Medical Assisting? I am interested in the Medical Assisting program because being a medical assistant is rewarding just like being a nurse or doctor. The past two years especially 2020 were the hardest because of covid-19 and the shut downs. I am very committed to stopping this covid-19 pandemic from getting worse. Yes the vaccines are working but we need to find a cure.

Why are you choosing the CRC MA program? I chose this program as a medical assistant because I really needed to make my mind up on the career I wanted to pursue. At first it was psychology then criminal law now it is medical assisting. I like the fact that I will be helping other nurses, doctors, and fellow medical assistants hopefully one day. Make our healthcare system work for everyone by vaccinating everyone so we as a society can go back to some time of normal life.

What do you intend to contribute to the CRC MA program and the profession of Medical Assisting? I would contribute to getting more vaccines out to the sick people, preventing viruses from spreading so fast that it becomes a pandemic. That is the last thing we want that kills and it just gets worse from there if we do not take this virus and other viruses seriously.

How will you display dedication to the MA profession both while attending the CRC program and to your future employers? I will show dedication by administering the right dosage for vaccines, taking care of the patients whether that be taking the patient’s medical history, and giving prescriptions to the pharmacy so the patient gets their prescriptions on time.

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