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A white dove

Out of a cove

Flying high till it hit a wall

Dropped hard to the ground after a fall

But was that the end?

Car, driving round a bend

The road tilts and it begins to descend

It crashes

Goes up in ashes

Lights go out

Once a life and now without

But there has always been way out

For did you see the dove when it got back up and began to fly again?

Dusted its wings like there was no pain

Took to the skies and began to soar

Made a victory sound, like a lion’s roar

Commanded the wind and glided

The peaceful breeze abided

The car actually exploded

The ground beneath it imploded

But did you not see its driver crawl out of it

Just before there was nothing left of it

Nothing short of a miracle

The becoming of love’s oracle

Love is never done

Until it has won

In a battle, it will conquer

Reunite lovers that wander

Pray for those astray

Never rest in night and day

Until it makes happen

What’s meant to happen

Love will solve

Your worries, it will resolve

So, sit back, relax and enjoy

And let love bring you joy

© Nina Fabunmi, original art also by Nina Fabunmi

Website http://www.ninafabunmi.com

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