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Do You Want to Make $10,000 a Month Online?

I recently fell into coaching aspiring online entrepreneurs. A friend asked me to teach her how to make $10,000 a month online. She is fed up with her nine to five and wants to work from home.

The truth is, most people wouldn’t say no to $10,000 a month. Especially if they can make that money without leaving the house. The big $10,000 goal seems hard but when you break it down, it’s quite simple.

If you can find something or several things that can provide you with at least $455 a day, you have $10,000 a month. I know, if you are just starting out, $455 per day might seem like an astronomical amount. However, just break it down for a minute.

You don’t have to make $455 from one source, if you have multiple streams of income, $10,000 a month is feasible.

I offer content consultancy services for small businesses and I charge $200 for an initial consultation. If I have two consultations in a day, that’s $400. If I make $50 from Medium and count my monthly salary from my business which is $3500 at the moment, I have made well over $10,000 for the month. This doesn’t include my side hustle income.

Please note: Content consultation is a side hustle, my main business involves content writing and online media.

If you want to make $10,000 a month as a beginner, start off as a freelancer and build one or two side hustles.

Freelancer daily income: $200 (You can make much more than this if you put your mind to it)

Medium income: $50

YouTube income: $50

Other side hustles: $155

These earnings are not typical, you might earn more or less. Currently, I earn more than $1000 a day from my business salary, Medium, affiliate marketing, and other side hustles.

Start by aiming to earn $100 a day. Then work your way up to $450. I say $450 because I am not counting weekends.

Currently, I am only earning about $15 from Medium due to a lack of consistency however, I am aiming to get back to $100 a day on here. In fact, I plan on doing a $5000 Medium challenge soon, watch this space.

Final Thoughts

To hit the $10,000 mark, you would need to make about $455 per day on weekdays. This is totally possible, in fact, you can make that from one freelance client in a day.

Two years ago, I had a freelance client that paid me $100 an hour to create content for their luxury furniture brand. I did four hours of work each day and pocketed $400, this was from one client.

Know your worth and set your sights on earning $400 an hour, you can do it. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t settle for less. If you believe that you can make $1000 or $10,000 a day, you can.

I am setting my sights on a $10,000 day in the next few months, watch this space. Nothing is impossible if you truly believe in yourself. Self-belief is the true juice. I always say it and I will always believe it.

Good luck!

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