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A Guide to Starting a Profitable Micro-Niche Blog in 2022

If you have failed to grow your blog either because of competitive keywords or lack of SEO knowledge, it’s time for you to switch to micro-niche blogs in 2022.

Compared to traditional blogs, micro-niche blogs are much focused on a targeted audience. For example, if your blog niche is health, which is a wider topic, your micro-niche can be weight loss, hair treatment, back pain, etc. It means instead of covering a general health topic, you only consider a specific part of it.

In that way, even if you are writing for a few handfuls of people, it is still good to blog for them. These keywords have extremely low competition. You can easily dominate Google search results by writing high-quality content for micro-niche blogs.

This guide will help you to start a successful micro-niche blog from scratch in 2022.

What is a micro-niche blog?

A micro-niche blog only focuses on a small topic that no one generally writes on.

Say you want to start an affiliate marketing blog where you will teach people how to start and earn money via an affiliate program. But if you see, affiliate marketing is a broader topic and highly competitive. Your new blog won’t rank easily on this keyword.

In that case, if you go for a much-focused micro-niche like amazon affiliate marketing, you’ll have a higher chance to succeed. Amazon affiliate marketing is only focused on discussing amazon affiliates whereas affiliate marketing can talk about all the affiliate programs on the internet. That’s the difference between a niche blog and a micro-niche blog.

When you focus on a micro-niche blog, your audience also narrows down to a handful. That makes it easier to rank for these keywords.

What are the benefits of a micro-niche blog?

With a micro-niche blog, you don’t have to focus on a large audience. Instead, you are only writing for a few thousand of them. So you can easily convert your audience to your customer by selling products related to your niche.

Being an expert doesn’t matter here. Since there is little or no competition, you only have to write high-quality articles with in-depth research. You might not make a five-digit income from Google AdSense but you can have better ways of earning than AdSense.

On the contrary, there are some little disadvantages too. Like I said, with low traffic, you can’t expect much from AdSense, but depending on the source of your traffic, you can easily make $500 to $1000. Since it’s a micro-niche blog, you can not generate millions of pageviews due to low traffic.

How to start a micro-niche blog from scratch in 2022?

Irrespective of whether it’s a niche blog or micro-niche, you first need to have powerful web hosting. I will highly recommend you to go for Bluehost as it is one of the most popular and oldest web-hosting providers on the internet.

Launching your WordPress blog on Bluehost only takes 5 minutes. The best part is you get one free domain for the first year with Bluehost. Just follow the steps below and you’ll have your blog ready.

Step 1: Click here to visit the Bluehost homepage and from the drop-down menu, select WordPress Hosting.

Step 2: Scroll down and select the basic $2.95 plan. Click Select.

Step 3: Enter the domain name for your micro-niche blog. Make sure it is short, simple, and easy to read. You want people to remember your blog not to forget. Click on Next.

If you already have a domain name under your shed, you can use that too.

Step 4: Fill in your account details and choose the plan for 12 months as it only costs $35.40 a year.

Once you fill in all the information, create your account and use a strong password. It’s done.

You have successfully set up your WordPress blog on Bluehost. Once logged in, install WordPress on Bluehost and launch your first micro-niche blog.

Best micro-niche blog ideas to get started

There are plenty of micro-niche blog ideas you can start with. I would recommend you to pick the one you are interested to write. Don’t pick just for the sake of selling stuff.

Here are some best micro-niche blog ideas I currently know:

  1. Skincare
  2. Hair loss treatment
  3. Gadgets
  4. Weight-loss
  5. Workout at home
  6. Smartphones
  7. Cameras
  8. Pets
  9. Organic products
  10. Home Décor
  11. Investment planning
  12. Safety and security
  13. Hotel bookings
  14. Music
  15. Table Tennis

The list continues…

How to make money from a micro-niche blog?

Once you have enough visitors on your blog, you can use it to generate income for yourself. There are three ways you can make money from your micro-niche blog.

1. Google AdSense

The most common way of earning money through a blog is Google AdSense. Depending on the source of your traffic, you can earn a decent income. However, getting approved by AdSense is challenging.

Google can easily reject your application for varied reasons. So you may have to wait before you get accepted. But if you want better alternatives that can pay more than Google, check out the article here.

2. Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing can be the major source of your income. Since the traffic is highly focused, you can expect good conversion rates. To get started, sign up with the Amazon affiliate program. They don’t charge a penny. Plus, Amazon affiliate is the largest in the world.

You can easily sell Amazon products related to your niche for which you can get up to 5% of commission on each sale.

3. Selling products

If you have written an ebook or have your own physical product, you can list them on your blog. Interested people can buy it from your blog and you can earn a decent passive income.

That’s it! That’s the way you can start your successful micro-niche blog from scratch in 2022. Whatever topic you pick, try to write only on the relevant topics instead of anything just to reach more people.

Write high-quality content so your visitors don’t have to go anywhere to find answers. It’ll help your blog reach a larger audience within a short span of time.

Lastly, create a blog that provides value to your audience and not just sells stuff or spam them with affiliate links. Create valuable content and see your income grow.

Note: Some of the links are affiliate links. When you buy through that link, I receive a small commission but you don’t pay anything extra. It encourages me to provide more valuable information to you.

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