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Where Good Intentions Go. Road to Hell or Kindness in Waiting

I used to think the answer was clear. That if the intention was good, then consequences could be overlooked or even annulled.

What if all the kindness in the world doesn’t erase what follows a good intent set in motion with terrible consequences?

Witnessing deeds done well end badly

It is possible. And what’s more, it happens often. The reasons spring from a lack of experience, not thinking things through, or jumping into something not because you want to but from feeling compelled to follow others.

It is still good if it turns out different? Objectively, no. There might be ways around behavior to justify it depending on circumstances, but if someone gets harmed, there’s no easy way to stand by good intentions.

How can you tell what will happen? Should we all freeze into thinking mode?

No, the world would stand still for a long time if you sat down and analyzed each possible consequence of your actions. What matters is to ponder on immediate outcomes, on who might see or do the same, and how that will come across.

Being impulsive can work in the right circumstances. Judging isn’t the way to get rid of intent and purpose, either.

Connecting with goodwill

Kindness doesn’t always find the right way to shine out. It may take a bit of digging through sand or even dirt. And someone you are used to thinking badly of may surprise you.

Keep an open mind and accept miracles from everyone because that is the way to see the truth in intentions and turn each path into a road to success.

Complaining or criticizing won’t do any good, and if you’re expecting someone to do what you tell them simply because you want it to happen that way, you have another thing coming.

Patience, mutual understanding, helping out neighbors and complete strangers is the way to prepare yourself to “read” intentions, prevent hurt, and protect happiness as best you can.

Don’t live in a shadow of worry; go out in the sun, face life with everything you’ve got.

You will win; you will fall sometimes. Keeping your heart free of envy and anger while trying to do good is what sets apart hell-bent paths from the new successful.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

Originally published on Medium.

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