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Rich Lady Complain

A rich woman once complained to her psychiatrist, “I feel that my whole life is empty and meaningless.”

Hearing this, his psychiatrist called an elderly lady into his office. Then he introduced the old woman to the rich woman.

The psychiatrist said, “That’s Mary, the lady who used to sweep the floors in the office. I’m going to ask her to tell you how she found happiness. All you have to do is listen carefully.”

Then the psychiatrist requested the old lady to sit there and tell her story to the rich lady.

The old woman sat on a chair and began to tell her story, “Three months ago, my husband died of malaria and three months later my only son died in a car accident.

I had nothing to live for and nothing left. After that I neither slept nor ate anything. I stopped smiling and even thought of killing myself.

Then one day I found a kitten following me home from work. When I saw this kitten, I felt sorry for him. It was cold outside so I decided to let him in and gave him some milk to drink.

The kitten licked the plate clean and purred and came up to me and rubbed my legs. Seeing the kitten happy made me smile for the first time. Then I thought, if helping a little kitten can make me smile, maybe doing something for others will make me happy.

From this day only, I try to do something good for someone. Helping others and seeing them happy gives me great joy.

Today, I don’t know anyone who sleeps and eats better than me. I have found happiness in giving to others.”

Hearing this, the rich woman wept and realized why she was feeling so empty and unhappy despite all the things money could buy.

Moral: Helping others brings only happiness. To live a happy and fulfilling life we ​​should try to do something for others and make them smile.

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