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In the year 2023 

In high school, (now 20 years ago for me) my last name was legendary. Both my older and younger brothers were star athletes. It seemed to have skipped me, as I’m neither remarkable academically nor athletically. 

That was ok with me, and I loved my school, our mascot, my town, and my brothers.

I knew my kids would go to our school as well. 

My School.

And they do. My oldest son, like his uncles – is an amazing athlete. He participates in football, wrestling, and baseball. 

He’s many other things than just an athlete, but that’s my main focus for this story. 

As it goes in large families, I also have many, many nieces and nephews who also have attended, currently attend, or will attend the same school, so we have years ahead of us to enjoy sporting events. 

Last night we had a basketball game against our biggest rival, and my nephew is a senior on the team. We were all gathered above the student section watching the game. My oldest son was not with me, as it is his weekend with his father.

Gazing out to the crowd, I suddenly noticed my son walking up the stairs in his letter jacket with so many patches I don’t know how he’ll add more. He ran up and joined the student section with that huge smile I love so much, his bright blue eyes shining, his dark blonde hair in that incredibly long, messy look that all the boys are doing right now. 

My heart swelled with love and pride. Watching him interact with his peers, cheer on his cousin, and living some of the best years of his life warmed my heart so much. This is just what I always dreamed of, after all. 

And then it hit me.

This isn’t my school anymore.

 This is HIS school.

And these memories? Those are his too. 

Nothing makes me happier.

Next year, 2023, he will graduate and move on to whatever he chooses to do, and it will be a new set of dreams and memories. But for now, I love these moments for him. Enjoy it, kiddo.

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