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A Good Woman

The world is becoming strange day by day. People are becoming selfish. Relationships are becoming transactional every day. As a man, when you meet a lady who is willing to put up with your crappy behavior, a woman that is patient with you, a woman that will pray for you and with you, she is a keeper.

Respect her and do whatever you can to make her happy. Please do whatever you can to make her feel cared for because such women nowadays are rare. The only woman a guy needs in his life is one that tells him what he needs to hear not what he wants to hear. If you have a lady in your life that tells you when you are messing up and is willing to still stay by your side and is patient enough to give you a chance to change, my man, take from me, you are blessed.

If you have a woman that will listen to you when you need a safe space, you are blessed. Such women are rare. Many women will walk away the moment you as a man show a soft spot. It’s just how society functions nowadays. The devil is hard at work, deceiving people and planting all sorts of toxic ideas into people’s minds, and he is trying to destroy healthy unions. Pray for your partners and pray for your friends, they need it.

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