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Hunting, here I go!

I got myself two steaming smokers yesterday.

After watching fellow hunters through the summer and fall. Gather piece after piece of Native American history. I’ll admit I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell myself.

It’s one thing to go out walk for an hour and come back empty-handed once or twice.

It’s a different issue. If I come back empty-handed, look on my Facebook group and see everyone and their brother are slaying this year.

I’ve been livid. Had I angered the great wise Arrowhead gods?

I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter now.

I can’t wait to publish this is and share it with the group.

All of these I found yesterday. But there are only two complete points.

They are my favorite types of points. Because they are babies.

Little bitty sharp points. Only about 1/2–1 inch tall.

They are amazing to me. How in the world do they beat rocks without them breaking when they make them this small?

The dry spell over. I love my rocks.

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