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Gaia: The Scam That’s Deceiving The World

Have you heard of Gaia? Surely you have come across its ads that plague (plague being the operative word here) the entire internet. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a video and news portal that promotes spiritual medicine and the power of consciousness, which is what got me researching about it in the first place, as I’m all about mental health and am open-minded enough to consider outliers. So Gaia, by the sound of things so far, not bad, right? But what if I tell you it’s a scam that has killed thousands of people? WHAAAT. PLOT TWIST. Yes, buckle your pants, put on your tinfoil hat, and get ready for one of the biggest conspiracy theories in history.

Seemingly Harmless. Highly Dangerous

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Gaia Inc. was founded in 1988 as a company that distributed content for television. Its themes revolve around meditation, yoga and alternative medicine. “Just like MindsMatterInc!” No. Hell no. Wait, the worst is yet to come.

It wasn’t until the internet became universal and social media became massive that Gaia began to gain popularity. It went on to become a fully digital portal, creating streaming content and articles, something like an anti-vaccine Netflix. So far there doesn’t seem to be any problem, right?

Gaia produces its own content, and for years they have spread false information, conspiracy theories, pseudo-science and baseless beliefs. “Well, another fake news page, what about it?” you may be thinking. The problem is that Gaia has a massive audience. It has hundreds of thousands of subscribers around the world and millions of followers spread across its social networks. People PAY to know what Gaia has to say; dangerous and irresponsible.

Reptilians, Alien Abductions, The Illuminati, Anti-vaxxers. Gaia Really Has It All

Let’s have a little look at what you can find when entering the portal of Gaia. You can find an article that talks about how the Pyramids of Egypt and various wonders of humanity were made by aliens. Another is that there is an alien race that looks like reptiles that live among us and control us through the elites, oh and Instagram. Yes, we can all laugh a little at the video that explains how an ancient shaman could alter the DNA of the colonizers who came to Latin America, and right now we really could use a little laugh, but sadly things only get more nefarious with Gaia from here on out.

You may be reading all that and think it’s very funny because you are a smart person with common sense and that is why I love you so much * social distant air hug*. Unfortunately, the proliferation of fake news has taken over the internet and we have already seen the consequences of this. Thousands of portals of false information are responsible for spreading shocking news without reliable sources just to generate clicks. I wrote an article on MindsMatter discussed the impact of conspiracy theories on mental health.

Gaia is particularly dangerous because it spreads theories that go against scientific and proven medicine. They offer alternative treatments that are based on the spiritual and universal energies, whose effectiveness is not proven at all. The biggest damage Gaia has done is convincing people to stop their conventional cancer treatments and choose their alternatives.

Fake Cancer Treatments: A Deadly Scam

Senior members of Gaia have spent years spreading the theory that the cure for cancer was discovered many decades ago, but pharmaceutical companies and the government kept it hidden all this time. * tinfoil hat activate!*. They talk about different experiments that were carried out in the 1930s that showed how cancer cells could be destroyed without the need for chemotherapy or radiation. Why was this information kept from us all these years? Because every year people spend billions of dollars on cancer treatments that last for years. According to Gaia, drug companies prefer to tie us to expensive and long-lasting treatments rather than give us a quick and less expensive cure.

Maybe you think that makes a bit of sense, and I totally understand you. I love global conspiracy movies. As appealing as this theory is, none of this has been proven nor is there evidence to support it. These supposed experiments have no theoretical basis and the stories don’t add up.

But if we learned anything from the anti-vaxxers and the 9/11 conspirators, it’s that people don’t need proof to believe, well, anything.

Gaia has been selling alternative methods to treat cancer and they are driving people to abandon any medicine or medical treatment that we know of. Instead, they invite meditation, spirituality, and finding vibes with the universe that will destroy cancer cells, claiming that they can cure your cancer in a few months. What has been the result of that? Hundreds of thousands of people have died or gotten worse from not taking proper care of themselves.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that meditation, spirituality and the power of the psyche are a lie. This site has always talked about the importance of the mind and its power, however, we have also talked about how important it is to go to certified professionals. There is no product or technique that we have shown here that does not have scientific evidence and studies to back it up.

The problem with fake news and conspiracy theories goes beyond making us paranoid and anxious. When these theories threaten our health, we no longer talk about problems with our mental health, we talk about death. Today it is more important than ever that we are responsible for the information we consume and share.

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