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The English Trip I Won’t Forget!

My English professor took the class on a trip to see some of the greatest stories from authors in history. These stories were being preserved in a museum in England. Each author was from a different genre. It was like spending a day at a library. All my classmates were excited to read work of their favorite writers. We started the trip with a visit to a food market for breakfast. There were so many options that I couldn’t make up my mind. Finally, I ended up getting a sausage biscuit with orange juice. It was hard to stop thinking about the day full of untold stories and mysteries that would come to life.

My class was filled of aspiring journalists, content writers and editors! We wanted to be the next great writers of our time. This trip was a great way to end the year. It was so inspiring to be with a community of like-minded professionals that were dedicated to their craft just like me. I was interested in writing a little fiction mixed with self-help content. My goal was to educate and inspire my readers. This was something I dreamed of from a young age. Now, I could see it coming true. Words are so powerful. The page was being written on every day in my eyes. It was was a dream to be in another country to experience literature. This day would go down in the history books. 

It was sad I didn’t get to visit more museums with my classmates during the year. We had built a great bond over the course of the semester. Most of the writers were from different countries. I was the only American that couldn’t speak another language. At first, I felt like an outcast. However, over the course of the year, I grew to like my classmates and the way we wrote together.

Alright, back to the story. This was a phenomenal way to experience different cultures. I was thinking about all the possibilities while eating my food at the food market. I could taste the chesses and biscuit when I looked out the window. The sun was radiant and full of joy. I could tell today was going to be an amazing day of excitement. As we set in the tiny food market in England, I thought about the different books I could read. It was impossible to think about anything else besides books. Between the pages turning and a full stomach, I was thrilled to be in the moment.

If I go back a year from today, class was never this fun. To see us taking adventures and learning how to write out of the classroom was like a rollercoaster ride that never stopped. My English class was my favorite time of the day. I was waiting for this moment all year. To relive the experience with my classmates was the best feeling ever. This trip took me by surprise too because I was having a hard time seeing the possibilities as a writer. It was my last year in school and I had to make tough decisions when I graduated. 

There would be late nights with no sleep because I wanted my stories to make sense. Little did I know, all I needed was the motivation. I carried around a notebook with me to take notes for future stories. Did you ever do that as a writer? Even though this was a high school trip, I felt like a kid again. It was as if I was lost in a dream that was too good to be true. These were the greatest writers of our time all in one museum. To witness this with my own eyes was unreal. 

When we got to the museum, I saw bookcases filled with priceless artifacts. The tour guide told us these books were worth thousands of dollars. The books had to be kept in cold climates for preservation purposes. Naturally, my temperature was just right! Outside each shelf hung an informative plaque telling stories from authors. These authors once wrote right where we were standing. It was a unreal feeling.

I just closed my eyes and embraced the moment. Right before I opened my eyes, I imagined myself in the mind of the author I was reading about right there. It was as if my classmates and I were inside the imagination of those authors for a moment. Rather than take pictures like my classmates, I stopped to read and absorb the knowledge. I was just a kid from Virginia in England reading the top authors of my time. What a time to be alive! 

That day was all about us as aspiring journalists, content writers and editors! The museum trip was a experience we would never forget. On the flight back home, we couldn’t stop talking about the stories, foods, and sites we saw all in one day. This is what we aspired to do for life. Traveling, writing, and eating in different countries was like a dream. In 24 hours, my professor made my dreams come true. I finally felt like anything was possible now!

I won’t forget this amazing adventure! The best part of the trip was how I was inspired by my classmates. These were writers from different cultures that were on the same level as me in my writing journey. Then, we were inspired together to believe in our dreams from other writers. This was a incredible trip for high school students studying writing. When you’re surrounded by writers, there’s nothing more motivating. Being around other people who are just as passionate and determined with their craft is exciting. All of us had so much potential to write amazing stories!

This trip made me want to work harder every day after returning home from our one-day English field study in Manchester, England. Thank you everyone for making this experience possible and thank you for believing in us before we even believed in ourselves!

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