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The lightning

Throughout time lightning has fascinated people.

Lightning is one of nature’s most extreme phenomena, its power often fascinating to people of all ages. Over time, they have inspired a lot of myths and legends. With the scientific revolution, people were also able to understand how they form.

In 1975, the McQuilken brothers were climbing Moro Rock in California when they noticed something strange happening: their hair began to stand on end. At first they thought this phenomenon funny, but when they left the top of the hill suddenly a storm started. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave the area fast enough and moments later, lightning struck.

The two were knocked to the ground, some bystanders were less fortunate and one man even died. The brothers were largely unscathed by the day’s events, but are still traumatized by the idea of a storm.

Lightning is not the only colorful phenomenon that a storm can produce, sometimes high above the clouds from which the lightning starts, large red projections can be seen reaching the atmosphere. They can reach heights of almost 97 kilometers, the researchers explain.

Scientists explain that this phenomenon is different from lightning because it has much lower average temperatures. The light it creates appears to be similar to that produced by a fluorescent tube.

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  1. Lightning is one of those “events” that one does not forget. The one I recall was on a ridge in the Colorado Rockies. We had spent all day to get as high as we could. When we reached the ridge a storm moved in. We ran down the trail probably missing an event that might have not ended well!
    The power of nature is so totally awesome and a force that one learns to respect.