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The stable factor; here and now I am

They seem to last,

but they are flashes in a row;

momentary events

presented to me in quick succession.

Snapshots that continuously

follow one another,

like the sketches that used to

make animation “happen”.

That’s the movie I watch,

being the viewer and the actor.

“Here and now I am”

is the only stable factor.

That’s the thing all my

experiences have in common.

Everything else may be a dream

that rolls on.

To handle the continuous

change, flow, instability,

I need to stand on a firm

spot, right Archimedes?

Here and now I am

is the only thing that never changes;

I lean on it and I manage

my earthly challenges.

Nothing else is indisputable

in this beautiful sphere;

but this, strangely, doesn’t

lead to insecurity.

The movie goes on, and

when I don’t like it,

I don’t put the responsibility

on the screen;

it only shows what the

projector sends.

Whose are the eyes

and the brain?

Whose is the unconscious

that influences

the interpretations of

the surroundings?

These are mine, and I’m not attached

to seeing only the good;

I also see the bad, I’m

telling you!

But although the opposites


and they are obvious

to me almost all the time,

the real freedom is

beyond that,

where words are

just blah blah blah…

When I go beyond

the need

of saying I am “that”

or “this”,

when I’m free and

totally conscious,

when I’m part of the world

and also autonomous,

when I’m fully


with the only thing

that is stable,

then everything is


not because I’m a 

blind fool,

not because I like 


or because everything 

is pretty

but just because 

there is.

Just because here and

now there is.


The Just-hoping Phenomenon


Anthi Psomiadou - CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International : Credit must be given to the creator/ Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted/ No derivatives


(Photo by Luo Lei on Unsplash)

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