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Who Creates The Conditions?

“I am tired”, she said; tired of conditions, not people.

“People just are who they believe they are.

They just do things, often without thinking.

No problem. It’s not my business.


But then again, we share the same atmosphere.

Breathe in, breathe out…

How can we be disconnected?

They exhale the air that comes and enters my lungs.

When they’re angry, they breathe out angry particles

that are inhaled by me.

So, this way, I also carry their stress in my chest.

And their desires, expectations, disappointments…


Then I accuse them of doing things to me.

He made me angry.

She made me nervous.

Only in the beginning.

Then I remember I could close my nose somehow,

raising a wall for their exhalation to crash on.

This is my business, yes.


I’m tired; tired of conditions, not people.

But then again, who creates the conditions,

if not the people?

And who are these people, if not me”?


Anthi Psomiadou — CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International : Credit must be given to the creator/ Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted/ No derivatives

(Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash)

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