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About Me — Robin Christine Honigsberg: It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Brief Introduction

Hi! My name is Robin Christine Honigsberg, and I’ve been writing seriously on Medium for about a year. I’m less than a month shy of my 46th birthday in July, single and never married, and I write a lot about living with mental illnesses, among a variety of other topics. At the time of this writing, I’m a top writer on the topics of “British Royal Family,” “Non-Fiction Stories,” “10 Things About Me”, “The Daily Write,” and “Alone,” but I have yet to receive the coveted email informing me I’m a top writer.

My Name

My last name is German, although I’m Jewish. My late father blamed my mother for giving me the middle name ‘Christine,’ and my mother blamed my father. To this day, I have no idea who chose my middle name or why.


Anyone who has read my work knows I’m estranged from my family. My sister hasn’t spoken to me in about three years and my mother in three months. Neither of them wants anything to do with me because of my mental health issues.

My late father passed away in 2003 when I was 26 1/2. We only got along for the late three years of his life; I moved out of my parents’ house a month after I turned 23 and a month before my father found out he had cancer.

Because we were so similar, we mixed like oil and water and fought daily. It was only when I moved out that we got along. Unlike my sister, who I had made sure would have a good relationship with our father. Unfortunately for me, my late father had been verbally, emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive. She and my mother invalidated my memories and experiences by declaring him to have simply been a ‘disciplinarian.’ My sister objected to my use of that description in another piece.

Instead of refusing to acknowledge the get-well card I sent when she had emergency surgery or my two overdose attempts this year, my sister should be thanking me for ensuring she didn’t turn out to be a head-case like me. But why would she bother? I’m dead to her.

University Life

Some people won’t believe me, and some will laugh, but I was a sorority girl at university. I’m still in touch with a couple of the girls who had pledged the sorority at the same time as me, my “Big Sister.”

Hazing is illegal in Canada, but the pledge period back in my day wasn’t easy. Yet, although the sorority modified the pledge rituals over almost three decades, so the girls only have fun, easy tasks, they still complain the sorority is too harsh on the pledges! The last meeting I attended was sometime in the past two decades, and I was shocked and amused; if what they had to do was too severe, they wouldn’t have lasted an hour back in my day! Ultimately, I accomplished my B.A. at Concordia University, my Graduate Certificate in Mental Health And Illness at McGill University, and my accreditation in Speech-Language Pathology at TAV Cegep.

Raising Mental Health Awareness/Mental Health Issues

My readers also know I struggle with mental health issues, including severe depression, borderline and avoidant personality disorders, and severe anxiety, among others. Some people have held it against me, judged me because of it, and automatically assumed the worst about me. But even doctors stigmatize personality disorders, especially borderline personality disorder, and as a result, stigmatize all persons with BPD. So it’s no wonder it’s 2022, and most people know nothing about mental illness unless they’re directly affected by it.


I was born in 1976 and am less than a month from turning 46. I’m single and have never been married, although I was engaged to be married in October 2018. But after realizing my ex-fiance had anger management issues and was a control freak, I called off the wedding.

The fact that I started taking a new anti-depressant that I had never taken before didn’t help; one of the side effects I suffered was increased thoughts of suicide, and I attempted to overdose in June 2018, barely surviving.

Unique Features

I’m definitely what you would call eccentric and eclectic when it comes to all manner of things: hair colour, music, books, tv shows, movies, podcasts, clothing, food, hobbies, abilities, etc.

In the last three years, my hair has been bright blue, black, pastel pink, blue and purple, bright pink and purple ombre, and blond. Currently, it’s a turquoise and royal blue ombre.

I don’t like being a sheep and following all the trends; for example, one of my articles is about refusing to match my socks.

I usually match the rest of my clothing, most of which I’ve had for years. And when I say years, I mean I have sweats, hoodies, and tops from my time at Concordia University, from which I graduated in December 1999 with a B.A. in Psychology.

I also have a ladybug tattoo on my inner left wrist, with the word “hope” written underneath, and the ladybug has a semi-colon, the symbol of depression and suicide prevention, on her wing.


My playlists are a mix; the songs on my iTunes range from “Joan Baez” to “Frank Sinatra,” “Elvis” to “Nine Inch Nails,” “Gwen Stephani” to the soundtracks to various musicals, including “Les Miserables” and “Chicago,” to modern-day music. I’m not a big fan of classical, rap, hip-hop, house, or heavy metal, but I have songs from almost every other genre, including country.


The joke in my family (when I had one) was that if toilet paper had words, I would read it. As a teen, I was found in the bathroom reading the backs of bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and various other hair products; this was before the days of smartphones.

Although I do read the news on my phone, I also have to read the books I now buy on my phone; even paperback books have become too expensive for me.

I enjoy reading almost all genres of books, and I own and have read many of the classics. But I must admit that my latest secret pleasure comes from reading about animals from the dinosaur era discovered by modern man in modern times, both on land and in the water.


Many of my favourite TV shows will be considered ridiculous by most people. I’m a massive fan of the original “Charmed” and “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer,” and used to watch them both daily, but recently the channel they aired on took both shows off the air. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t ever mention the reboot of “Charmed” to me unless you’re trying to piss me off! I get it free with my “Amazon Prime Video” and adamantly refuse to watch it. I remain loyal to the original (Prue), Piper, Phoebe, and Paige version!

I love documentaries both about the history and historical figures; the various Royal Families, “America’s Book of Secrets,” and anything else about conspiracies; comedies like “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Corner Gas,” a Canadian comedy that’s surprisingly funny. I also enjoy drams like “Amazons Prime Video’s,” “The Wilds,” “The Widow,” and cable’s “Departure.” I also like adult cartoons such as “Bob’s Burgers,” “American Dad,” “King of the Hill,” “Fugget About It,” and “Archer,” but I’ve seen almost every episode they air; they’re all in reruns. Meh.

I love “Lifetime’s” “Reel One Entertainment” ‘so bad they’re great’ thrillers, suspense, and drama movies, but I loathe their stupid, cheesy romantic, cliched love story movies.

I have one favourite webcast hosted by @Kendall Rae. She covers current and cold crime cases (and has solved a couple!), conspiracy theories of all kinds, and has introduced me to topics like “John Titor.”


I’ll be candid; I’m not a good cook since I’m used to cooking only for myself, but I can make two things really well. Tzaziki, often requested by my late father and friends hosting potlucks, and chicken soup, the one dish every Jewish woman should know how to make correctly. I may only know how to prepare two food items, but I’ll be vain and say I make both deliciously. I’m not a good Jew; I don’t cook, and I don’t keep kosher. I always said that I would keep a kosher home when I had a family, but I never had one, and at this point in my life, I don’t expect to start one.

I never had children; I had a miscarriage in my late 20s and never had another opportunity to get pregnant.

Previous Career

For almost 15 years, I worked in the mental health field, in various capacities, including administrative assistant, mental health educator, and Childcare Worker at a high school for teens with Special Needs for eight years. But I lost my job being on sick leave for too long, recovering from my overdose in 2018 and my subsequent depression, which I’m still battling.

Writing Career

I’ve dreamed of being a writer since I was eight years old. Now my dream is finally coming true. I just published my 150th piece on Medium, have over 800 followers, and have seen a tremendous improvement in my writing over the last year. My goal is to get even better and publish a book one day soon.

Nice to meet you!

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  1. Gwen Stephani and Sinatra.. Boy, that’s a combo you don’t see every day.
    I loved reading about you, Robin. I feel like if you got lost, I’d be able to describe you to the police ):
    I suck writing about myself. Anyway, you are an awesome person and I’d like to connect with you on medium. Same username?