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A Hopeless Cry From Mother Earth

Thoughts amidst a global pandemic…

I watch the lightning strike while the rain pours on my back door. The roar of thunder reverberates through my chest and I gaze into the flicker of a candle. Mother Nature, we hear you - we are sorry.

Angels bowl in the sky while the Universe mourns in dismay over the standing of the earth in all her forms. She radiates abundance for all her living creatures, yet we take her for granted and abuse her to the point of no return. She demands we seize our weapons of a greedy heart, and sends a germ whose infection is so strong it depletes the world of the compromised and weak. She’s angry and needs a rest.

She has tried to get our attention, but we were too busy to listen. She has reached her peak, and won’t play nice anymore. She gasps for air under the suffocation of rubbish and debris. She misses her trees that have been burned to the ground. She misses the fish in her oceans. Her skies are so toxic they’ve been browned by pollution, and her icecaps and mountains are melting.

She is burdened by the overflow and has nothing left to give, so she purges the needy and brings them back to dust. She replenishes herself with the ashes of the dead, as she breathes in their flesh to redeem herself. She lives in all of us and forces us to live in friction to teach us a lesson and buy her time to rest.

We don’t own her. She owns us, and we must stop acting superior to her.

She binds us to our homes to reflect inwards in isolation as a final attempt to garner some mercy for all her lands and her waters. She has been used and abused and echoes her pain through strong winds and thunderstorms. She tries to tell us that we mustn’t live in a hungry world where disparity of wealth is expected and congratulatory. …where the homeless sleep on benches and the villages reek of disease. We are sent here to help others and be better.

But what can we do and how can we help fix a world that’s so broken we need to start over with a blank slate in our minds and souls? Who will lead us, who will teach us, who will breed us, who will feed us if we start over from scratch?

In a world where you can be anything, love our earth, for she is our Mother and we need her more than she needs us.

~Earth Day Thoughts, 2020


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