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An Open Letter to the Companies that Never Gave Me an Interview…

Hi Company X,

There has been something on my mind that I just can’t wrap my head around. I’m hoping you could clear it up.

Here’s the thing. I applied for a position at your company. It might have been on your site, through Linkedin, or elsewhere. I read your description very carefully to make sure I was qualified before I wasted my time and yours.

Then I crafted a cover letter, just for you and your company. I’m a writer so it’s not so hard for me. But I hear many of you use artificial intelligence to skim through all the cover letters you receive. So I made sure to add lots of colorful keywords you mentioned in your job description. I worked long and hard to perfect it, line by line. I knew I would only get four seconds of your time, at most, if any. I prayed I would make it through the robots to a recruiter who would notice my potential.

Then I reviewed my resume, again and again and again. I wondered what I could possibly do to stand out in the crowd. I made it my best and hoped I’d be selected for a phone screening.

Then you ghosted me or sent over a generic “sorry” email five months later. So far later I actually no longer recognized your company’s name, since it floats in the abyss of all the companies who have ghosted me over the years.

I deleted your email, kept moving forward, and working to improve my skillset. In a world full of no’s, there are many yeses to seize.

Then something happened.

I saw the same job posting again. You relisted it on Linkedin, Indeed, and elsewhere. It’s as if it was never there.

So with all the candidates that sent in their applications, no one made the cut? Or did they not even make it to the interview?

Who are you looking to hire? Why don’t you give the people who applied earlier a chance before posting the position on job boards for a second or third time?

It makes me sad. It makes me angry. It makes me resentful.

It doesn’t make sense to me and I am not sure if it ever will.

I’m just wondering if maybe you gave me an interview, you would have found what you are looking for…

Maybe you would have found the missing piece that your company is looking to fill.

Maybe you would have hired a team player that would stick around and grow with you for the next 10+ years.

Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not since I wasn’t enough to even earn a single interview.



Have you ever experienced this through your job search? I would love to hear how you navigated the situation.


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  1. I have dozens of times. I was a journalist for a long time. Unstable jobs mean lots of times of unemployment. It is frustrating. But then I became an editor and was in the spot of hiring. Dozens of emails and I only need one. So many variables. Then you interview three or four qualified people. They are about equal so you go with the one you think you will get along with best.
    On the employee side, if you do get called for an interview, the interviewer obviously has not even read my resume.
    I finally got to where I just didn’t care.
    If they can get someone a dollar cheaper than you that can do almost as good as you, they will take that and pocket the extra dollar they saved. Most companies care more about saving a buck than they do about having a good employee to be honest.
    It’s not personal though. I’ve turned down some interviews and job offers too. Sometimes for no good reason. I just decided not to.
    Try to not take it personally is all I can say. It isn’t personal really. It’s like playing the lottery.

    1. Thanks James! I think it’s always important to remind ourselves that these things aren’t personal. It just always feel like political favoritism most of the time. Like you have to know somebody. Thanks again for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

      1. Yea, unfortunately, it is often political.
        Here is a funny story. I was once in line to be hired as an editor at this one paper, but they hired someone else for political reasons. They took me aside, told me I would act as editor and be paid as such, but they needed the other guy to have the title. He would stay in his office and not bother me.
        We got along great actually. And he was able to pull some strings for me as well.
        A lot of it is political. Just part of the deal i guess. 🙂

  2. There are plenty of job portals, but I am amazed that after applying for many jobs, and from many job portals, 99% were unsuccessful. Do you want to know how I kept myself within a job? I took up short contract jobs that nobody wanted to do especially coming from the University Undergrads. They will not likely take up jobs that require them to clean up files and archive them. Sometimes, the files were there on the shelves since 10 years ago.
    I used the job portals as an employer position in the past before Covid19. The job portals automatically advertised the same job vacancy at least 3 times. The companies might have recruited but the job vacancy which still actively went viral again was also a benefit for the company. In case those they recruited decided to quit within the 3-cycles of auto-publishing job vacancies, the company still has the resume bank which stored those they never called for an interview before. I hope you get what I mean.
    Sometimes, companies do post ads to make it look like a fair system but they already have someone to recruit from internal recommendations and networking. That is why having a network is very important for the sake of getting a job. I lacked in that area as I am quite an introvert, although I do speak my mind.
    The recent I met a friend who has a cousin working as a recruiter, she shared. In an hour after a job posting online, she will receive at least 60 to 100 resumes. Recruiters have no more than 2 seconds rule to briefly look through your resume before it goes to the rejection tray. It is tricky here when it comes to job hunting. It makes me feel that we are counting on where our luck is waiting for us to search for it. I definitely dislike that ATS function in the job portals. I hope you will also get your desired job.