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Love Can Be Infinitely Abundant

I often ponder the purpose of spiritual beings having a human experience. In time I’ve come to feel my reason for breath is to know love with every fiber of my being in everything I do - indefinitely. 

This is no easy task, especially since I believe in feeling your feelings, especially the ugly ones, particularly anger on a regular basis. In a world filled with free will and lots of negative forces, it’s reasonable to recognize that love may not always be an easily accessible feeling.

I’ve battled depression for years in a mind lined with stone walls, a fortress on stormy days for dis-ease to brew, and disaster to ruffle my sanity. And when this combat in me stirs, I fight with relentless compassion for myself, and a longing to experience love.

Living for Now, Not Later or the Past

My goal is to adore life moment by moment, allowing it to buffer during trying times and to exude love at my fullest capacity regularly. I practice this during my experiences with sadness, frustration, and anger, although at times it doesn’t seem that way to those on the outside.

I’m only human. But I’m working on myself. I’ve introduced a radical sense of self-awareness into my day-to-day living, and find myself more attuned to the sounds and scenes around me. I’ve become appreciative of the birds’ song out my window and the bark of a dog from afar.

I notice how my body feels - my posture and the wrinkled brow I hold during deep concentration. I pay mind to signals my body sends me- whether it be to sleep, give voice to my feelings, or leave a place that dresses me in feelings of “ick.”

I feel completely guided by my intuition when it advises against someone or something for an unknown reason. I listen to my soul not out of fear, but authentic trust that the Universe always provides for me and helps me thrive.

At times, the Universe sends me difficult tasks or uncomfortable lessons that leave me gripping mad, with a shattered heart, or to know pangs of hunger upon sleep. I am humbled by these experiences because I value the lessons they teach me. I dig deep into self-reflection of repeated circumstances in an effort to postulate clarity and insight from my most challenging and confusing life experiences.

I invite you to practice love- towards yourself and others. On hard days especially, but on easy days, too. Feel your life transformed by the practice of love, and fill your heart to a limitless capacity.

I bet you’ll feel a whole lot better.


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