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What’s Rusting of Iron?

Rusting of iron is basically the formation of rust that is a mixture of various oxides of iron, on the surface of things or surfaces that are made up of or contain some iron.

The rust is formed from a redox type reaction between iron and oxygen in an area containing water like humid air. The rusting of iron is marked by the formation of a reddish layer that’s a cracking material, easily disintegrate into a powder. 

There are some conditions for the iron to rust:

Moisture acts as a catalyst and helps reactants (oxygen and iron) to accelerate the reaction. In an area where there is dry air most of the time, iron objects will not rust at all. So, the presence of impure water and oxygen are required to form rust from metal i.e. iron.

Impurities present in the iron, such as water vapors, salts, acids, and carbon dioxide speed up the rusting process.

Pure iron does not get corroded in dry and carbon dioxide free air. It also does not rust in pure water; without dissolved salts and minerals.


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