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That’s Not A Psychiatric Service Dog In Your Handbag

As a legally blind woman, I can tell you that all of our pets give us emotional support. But not all of them are emotional support animals. Emotional support animals are only available to patients living with disabling mental illnesses and, licensed mental health professionals provide them to these patients through prescription only. But that does not mean that emotional support dogs are service dogs because they are not.

But pets and emotional support dogs are often considered our family members. So, I can understand why you want to put Fifi into your purse or a stroller and put Brutus on his (harness) and leash and take them everywhere. But the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Guide states that Fifi and Brutus are not allowed into food establishments – such as grocery stores or restaurants unless they are psychiatric service dogs. But sometimes, some states make exceptions. So, it is best to check your state’s laws before you take your pet dogs or emotional support dogs with you and end up negatively going viral.

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