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Guide to Adulting.

Higher thoughts, Higher frequencies & of course Higher experiences. That’s how it all started when I turned 15. GUIDE is just a fancy word for “Experience”, so believe me you won’t get bored but simply relate. Because at last we all are made of the same stardust.

In high school, as an activity, our teacher asked us to add an adjective from our initials. I used “versatile”. So, from that day I am just hustling enough to keep that adjective alive. My adulting started from the day I dreamt. Oh! I mean “A girl dreamt.” I am the older one in the house which technically means your default type should be ADULT. With a lot of family issues and sometimes money crises, which our parents always protected us from, my dependency on my parents became a dependency of my younger ones on me in no time. The negative way to respond to adulting is overrated, I guess! It occurs as you trade dependence for independence and self-centeredness for the community. It’s normal to freak out if given a chance to do so. But in most situations, you have no time to freak.

I think I was an adult before I adulted. The latter part is so much into the voices of youngsters that they want to grow around it and not through it. I never had an idol. I never needed a daily motivational video to push me. What worked for me were the sayings of the people I admired all over the world including me. It depends on the person and the listener, how they drive the “adulting” utterance. It could be a 30-year-old doing excellence, enjoying life, and sleeping like a log quoting “Be young by heart, Adulting is nothing” or It could be an under-confident 23-year-old married woman with a child quoting “Oh No No! you are perfectly normal, I am just acting much older” So better train your mind to choose wisely or rather not to choose the given options.

I believe we cannot just state numbers saying that at this age a child becomes an adult. I have seen people adulting at the age of 11 when his/her guardian passed away and even seen people at 35 not adhering to their responsibilities. So, there is no tag, whatsoever. Adulting is a mindset, or let’s put it this way, it’s like a long-prone disease, if you caught it, you have to be living with it for the rest of your life, it keeps stabbing you or nudging you every now and then, at every nook and corner.

Also, to add, this phase, ‘Don’t Grow up, it’s a trap’ – All that stating to adulting, let me tell you, it’s nothing like that. It is basically like sitting on that 360 roller-coasters where you know your life is going to turn upside down, at any minute, any second, still, you take that plunge, because after those 4-5 minutes you stick on to the memories.

So just be it, enjoy. Don’t be scared. This is something you can’t stop happening, but yet can enjoy the process and maybe vomit too if feel a bit dizzy in that rollercoaster.

 So yeah, Happy adulting y’all. It Sucks, you are gonna love it. 😊

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