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3 Important Life Aspects Where Effort Overpowers Passion

Effort and not passion keep things afloat.

Being passionate about something or someone does not guarantee that you will always have them. Minimum effort is one of the reasons things or people don’t last in our lives for a long time.

Below are three times effort, not passion will save your ass.


It is not enough to love what you do, you have to put in the work required to benefit from your skills.

It does not matter that you are the most talented painter alive if nobody gets to see your art. You have to learn to cross the bridge separating your art from the rest of the world.

You may be a brilliant and excellent writer worth competitive rates, but you won’t fulfill your writing career goals if nobody sees your work.

You have to learn to do what it takes to get the most out of what you have.

Sometimes, your career will ask for more than you signed up for. You may need to learn new skills or advance your abilities.

Is it worth the time? You have to decide how much you want to achieve from what you have.

Your outcome is directly proportional to your effort.

2. Relationships

Relationships are sustained by constant effort.

It is not enough to throw grand gestures if you are not willing to work through the little relationship-building blocks.

These are everyday tasks like being there for your partner when they need you, showing emotional support, being open with them, complimenting them, and being mentally present around them, just to mention a few.

When you decide to make someone a part of your life, you better have what it takes to keep the relationship alive.

When you are emotionally or mentally withdrawn from each other, you will lack the stimulation required to keep you attracted to each other.

It takes a lot more than being exclusive with your partner.

No matter how much you love your partner, they will leave if they feel neglected, independent of whether they have the same feelings for you.

3. Development

It’s easier to cling to our circumstances than find better mental models to resolve our issues.

Maturing in age is not enough if you remain stuck in every other aspect that matters.

It is not enough to proclaim love and acceptance for yourself if you are not constantly working on yourself.

Developing yourself mentally will give you an unfair advantage in a fast-evolving world.

However, it’s easier to blame our circumstances than find a way to make our lives better.

It is easier to blame the already damaged world than create a haven (mentally, financially, or spiritually) for ourselves because that takes too much effort.


A balance between passion and effort will help you maintain the things you love.


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