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I Got Hit On By a Dude in the Turkish Baths of Budapest

It was day two in Budapest. Traveling alone, I hadn’t really met anyone at this stage yet. I took off to Szechenyi Baths where I had booked to go for an afternoon of relaxation.

The place was fricken crowded! So crowded that I couldn’t get a spot in the pool. So I parked up by the side, where all I could do was dip my feet in.

That’s when I got approached by a little Asian dude called James. He sat beside me, dipped his feet in too, and started chatting.

James seemed like the friendly sort. He was a school teacher, lived in America and liked to travel solo — just like me!

But about 10 minutes into the conversation, that’s when the bomb dropped…

James was hitting on me!

He laughed when I wasn’t being funny, and slipped in generous compliments that came out of nowhere. He gently touched my shoulder on several occasions, and gave me little nudges when he said stuff.

This all confirmed to me…

I wasn’t out of my mind. He was definitely hitting on me!

Now, I must mention that I’m not homophobic by any stretch. (I have plenty of friends that are gay, and I respect them dearly). But I don’t fancy guys and James was starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

Mission abort! Mission abort!

I needed to make a plan. See, I didn’t want to offend James. Nor did I want to sound like a douchebag or egotistical moron (I don’t exactly consider myself an oil painting).

Hypothetically speaking, if I was to stop James in his tracks, and say abruptly, “Look, I’m sorry. I’m just not interested”, I would certainly give off that impression. Plus, he’d likely just respond with discomfort, and tell me I had gotten completely the wrong end of the stick.

Shit would get really awkward then.

That’s when it struck me…

He’s going to ask you if you’re in a relationship…. Say yes!

“So, eh… have you got a girlfriend back home?”

BOOM! Called it.

I suspect however that it was a long shot on James’ part, and he was hoping I’d say that that I don’t like girls, and I’m gay.

But I’m not gay, and I do like girls. So unfortunately, I wasn’t staying at his place that night.

Being graced with momentary telekinesis, which kicked in just in time before James got to ask his question, I was armed and ready…

I lied!

Although single, to James I was in a very loving relationship. I told him I had a girlfriend.

James was a little shocked to say the least. He couldn’t believe that my girlfriend was OK with me backpacking around Europe for a few months, while she stayed behind and brought home the bacon.

He asked would she not be worried that I might be cheating on her. Perhaps he was implying with some smoking hot European babe?… (or perhaps even some little Asian guy in the Turkish baths of Budapest)?

I assured him all was well in the trust department. We shared a very honest relationship, and she had peace of mind that my woody would remain in my sweats.. (or at that particular moment, in my swimming shorts!).

Within a few minutes, James got disinterested. He broke off the conversation, telling me it was nice to meet me, and that he was going to check out one of the other pools. More confirmation that he was, without doubt, hitting on me.

I only wonder — what ever did happen in that other pool? Did James ever strike lucky in the end?

I wish him well!

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