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Excerpt 09

Featured Photo By: Ran Berkovich via Unsplash

Some people did whatever they could to figure out their life and navigate toward their hopeful desires or goals. Yet, either they did not achieve them or they quit halfway through the journey.

Some people worked towards their end goals but need not face a lot of hurdles, restrictions, or challenges. They did not use much energy or effort. Yet, they achieved their ultimate desires. 

Wouldn’t you feel that was unfair between the two? Let us read this simplified story or the message that Stories From The Kitchen #09 tried to put across to us.


“Why do some people pray regularly yet they did not see much fruitfulness to their supplications?” asked Khola Bassam.

I shrugged.

“They did not believe what they had asked for. They doubted after asking their Lord…” said Khola Bassam.

“Why do some people work towards their goals with little effort and energy needed and yet they achieved bountifully and it seemed unfair right?” asked Khola again.

I nodded. 

“Because they trusted and believed very strongly they will get it one day…” said Khola again.


It takes a heart of conviction, full of belief, and a hardcore trust towards self and God, to achieve their dreams or prayer request.

One cannot do without the other. Make an effort without believing and it is unlikely you get there. Believing without making an effort is like building a castle in our dreams. 

“When you asked something in your prayer, believe! Believe that you already got it, and you did get it. Work towards it no matter how long the journey takes, but don’t keep room for doubts. Make your belief stronger each day and what negativity or toxicity people say to you, you will unlikely to get disheartened easily,” – Khola Bassam


Another link to the featured photo https://unsplash.com/photos/rLXU8ajlQ9Q

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