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All women want to become, at some point, once in a lifetime, the bride! The entrance to the house of the Lord, clothed in the color of purity, and the covenants he makes, remain imprinted in his soul for the rest of his life.

Mirela, the girl from the edge of the village, was looking forward to this day, the day when Ionel will take her to the altar and swear allegiance to her.

They knew each other from a young age, grew up together, went to work together in the fields, and slowly, slowly, their love for each other began to grow. Ionel was smarter, by nature, he liked to lead any discussion, to be, somehow, in the center of attention, instead Mirela was a quiet, calm girl, she didn’t leave the house until it was absolutely necessary.

They decided to go before God, the first Sunday in August, it is warm, beautiful weather and people will come to them at the wedding. They didn’t need money, they made the wedding come in, so that everyone in the world could have a family, two, three children and live happily ever after.

August came unexpectedly fast and the final preparations were coming to an end. The invitations were sent to all the friends, the food was ordered, the clothes bought, the big day had to come.

On Friday night, Mirela called the girls, her age, to come to her house and plan the wedding day. Among these girls was Ana, a neighbor from the village. She lived a few hundred meters further up the mountain, outside the village. As she entered the door, she said she could stay with them if someone took her home when she finished what they had to do.

The girls started to find reasons that they can’t go, that they have work, that their parents are waiting for them, and so on. Mirela offered to drive her home and asked her to stay until everything was over!

They laughed, they joked, they danced, they told stories from their childhood, time passed and it was time to go home, each like them!

Mirela, together with Ana, went to Ana’s house and the other girls went to the center of the village.

They arrived at the girl’s house in ten minutes, greeted each other and promised to see each other the next day.

Near the bridge, which crosses the river in the village, Mirela saw a black cat walking in the middle of the road. He started screaming, maybe he was scared. It is not good for the black cat to pass through your face, it brings bad luck! But the cat, nothing, was walking quietly before as if he hadn’t even seen Mirela!

At the first street, on the right, the cat jumped the fence and disappeared! Mirela entered the house, cleaned up after leaving the girls in the room, and went to bed.

For a few minutes in bed, she couldn’t sleep, she was thinking about what she would be like in two days, how she would be dressed as a bride. That was the impulse, how the dress would come on her, she got out of bed and took the dress out of the closet.

Big, soft, immaculate white was the temptation he could not resist!

She put on her dress, did her hair, put on make-up and admired herself in the mirror!

At one point, there was a noise at the door as if something had fallen. He opened the door, turned on the light, nothing! When he entered the house, on the doorstep, was the black cat he had seen on the road.

A shiver ran through her body and she wanted to run into the yard, as she was dressed, in her dress.

She was so scared to see where the cat was, she was not careful and stepped on the edge of a pot and fell headlong on the stairs of the house.

Ionel found her there in the morning and the whole village was devastated by this incident. Everyone was trying to calm Ionel down and make him stop holding Mirela’s hand.

With all the preparations for the wedding, everything planned, it was time for the funeral. People were agitated, everyone was trying to understand what had happened. Talking to each other, they did not notice that Ionel was no longer there, he had disappeared.

They found him in the cellar, a few minutes later, hanging from an oak beam and holding one of Mirela’s bridal gloves.

Legend has it that every August, on the first Sunday, in the evening, you can see, on the bridge in the village, a boy and a woman who is the bride and holding a black cat!

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