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The true story of Dracula,Transilvania

Vlad Țepeș has nothing to do with Dracula or his father, Vlad Dracul. Dracula was Elisabeta Báthory, a Hungarian countess of the Báthory family, who had five castles: Csejte, Sarvar, Németkeresztúr, Bratislava and Vienna. Elizabeth Báthory was a cousin of Gabriel Báthory, Prince of Transylvania, and Hungarian nobleman Stefan Báthory, King of Poland and Prince of Transylvania. Elisabeta Báthory married at the age of 11 and gave birth to five children during her lifetime: Paul, Andrei, Anna, Ursula and Caterina. Princess Elizabeth Báthory was a vampire by profession and there are documents to that effect at the Vatican. Unfortunately, no one publishes them. I saw them. Why aren’t these documents that clarify a history published? 

On May 28, 1582, Princess Elizabeth Báthory was combed by a maid. He accidentally pulls her hair. Angry that he pulled her by the hair, she slammed one over her face with all the rings on her fingers and the poor girl’s blood started. Being a vampire, seeing the blood flowing, he rushes to her throat, dusting her. In the evening, when she went to bed, she saw that on her bloody hand, her skin was softer and she had the idea to take a bath in her blood. He told the yard guard to press her to crush her, took 5 girls to snatch her fingers from her hands with red-hot tongs and took her first bloodbath. It all softened. And hundreds of murders ensued. The exact number of women tortured and killed by Elizabeth is unknown, although it is believed to have been around 650 between 1585 and 1610. 

The peasants took girls to Elizabeth Báthory’s castles, believing they were princesses, but she killed them. He put them in wax, in the cellars of the 5 castles. When it warmed up outside, the wax melted, and the castles smelled stronger and stronger. And he started throwing them in chains. Rumors began to circulate, and public panic was growing. Elizabeth, seeing that she was getting older, thought that it was not good blood, it was not from a noble girl. When he took the first girl as a nobleman, he said to call the priest to the castle to do his job, because he was the daughter of a nobleman. Elisabeta thought that the priest, that 82-year-old old man, didn’t understand much and called him in the middle of the night. Popa was shocked that he was called at midnight and wondered why the princess didn’t have time during the day and didn’t open her coffin? Seeing that there was nothing clean in the middle, he decided to write what he thought about this case in the parish documents.

After the death of the old priest, a young man comes. The young priest, seeing the parish documents and the antlers in the fields, realized that it was a murder in the middle. He recounted everything in a letter and sent it to the Vatican (the letter is in the Vatican today and no one publishes it). The Vatican receives the message and sends the prince of Transylvania, Ioan Sigismund, to see what is happening in the region. When they got there, they caught Elizabeth in the act. In a cage he had 15 girls whom he kept for two weeks in a cage, uneaten to keep his blood clean. The 15 girls were killed, and the guard was hanged with his feet up and three days later he died. Elizabeth was imprisoned for life in Čachtic Castle. It was built in a narrow tower without windows, with only a few holes that provided the food and air needed to keep it alive. The countess was imprisoned for 4 years, until her death. 

There have been two rounds of proceedings. A row of documents sent to the Vatican and a row was built in the castle. This whole story is over, and no one knew about it. After 300 years, Bram Stoker, an Irish writer, a tenth-century writer, no one knew about him until then, publishes the novel Dracula based on the documents he found in the walls of the castle that has now become a hotel. The walls were repaired and these documents were discovered. Bram Stoker was staying at this hotel and began writing the story of the novel. He does not place the action there so as not to have problems with the Báthory family. He went to Vienna to look for a castle similar to Elizabeth Báthory’s. And the stain fell not on Bran nor Sighișoara, but on Bistrița or the castle from Bistrița was the property of Vlad Dracul, ruler of Wallachia and the father of Vlad Țepeș. 

Vlad II or Vlad the Devil received the title of” Devil “after being received on December 13, 1431 in the Order of the Dragon founded in 1408 by Sigismund, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The order, created by Sigismund, wanted to increase the political power of the church and to protect Hungarian and Romanian noble families from the Ottoman Empire. Vlad Dracul fought with the Turks in Varna and received the Order of the Dragon, a title of great nobility. The symbol of the Order was a dragon, and its purpose was to defend Christianity and the crusade against the Ottomans. Due to his membership in the Order of the Dragon, Vlad Țepeș’s father was nicknamed the Devil. And that’s how the Romanians started calling him Vlad the Devil.

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