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What inspired Ceausescu to build the People’s House

Nicolae Ceausescu, one of the most traveled heads of state in the world, has found North Korea the most appropriate source of inspiration. The huge House of the People remains the symbol of communist despotism,
The former dictator, along with his wife, Elena, traveled the world, touring, which brought him into contact with architectural and urban images from around the globe. He did not like the “capitalist-imperialist” architecture. In the other socialist countries he found no examples to follow, so in North Korea, in the totalitarian urban gestures made in Pyongyang by another communist dictator, he found the most suitable source of inspiration, it is shown in the excerpts published on the website memorial sight. ro. The competition for who builds more Thus, the specialists of the Golden Age say that between Ceausescu and Kim Ir Sen “brotherly friendship relations” were established, which were followed by a real competition regarding the realization first in Pyongyang, then in Bucharest, of gigantic ensembles of boulevards and palaces with similar destinations: the People’s House, the House of Science and Technology, the National Library and Theater, large congress halls, palaces of the pioneers and others. As is well known, the construction of the socialist center of Bucharest meant a dramatic drama for the inhabitants of the Capital. To make way for the huge construction site, entire neighborhoods were demolished and historic buildings, churches, mansions were razed to the ground. The costs of this huge construction site, which has been used for almost a decade by an army of 100,000 people, have directly affected the poverty, misery, and humiliation to which the entire population of Romania has been subjected, 26.5 hectares of rooms, halls, and corridors Also offered here are some coordinates of the exorbitant luxury of the People’s House, a gigantic building, which the architects of those times called ugly and which remained a symbol of totalitarianism in Romania. In a country with only 22 million inhabitants, enthroned everywhere, the huge and ugly House of the People remained as a symbol of totalitarianism and communist despotism. Considered the second administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon, with 270 m long, 240 m wide, 84 m high, and an area of ​​265,000 square meters. Due to the misery in which we lived, 26.5 hectares of rooms, halls, stairs, marble corridors, expensive parquet floors, and carpet, with ceilings in boxes, walls clad in wood paneling, and silk wallpaper with 4,000 were finished. of crystal chandeliers, at the level of the most sumptuous palaces in the world,
All the materials used to build the People’s House are Romanian, among the most expensive and of the best quality, such as cherry wood, elm, carpets made of the finest wool, and brocade curtains with gold and silver thread. For the construction of this building were used: -1,000,000 m³ of marble -5,500 tons of cement -7,000 tons of steel -20,000 tons of sand -1,000 tons of basalt -900,000 m of wood essences -3,500 tons tons of crystal -200,000 m³ of glass -2,800 m2 chandeliers -220,000 m² of carpets -3,500 m² of leather. These are the details that make the Palace of Parliament the heaviest building in the world, as evidenced by the record book, World Records Academy, where the building is inscribed with two more world records: the most expensive administrative building in the world. estimated at $ 4 billion) and the largest civilian administrative building in the world, with a total area of ​​330,000 square meters.

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