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How to actually make money online

Making an online Income has been a challenge for me, cause the digital world is a vast one and you can get lost easily.

The truth is that there isn’t fast scheme to make money and maybe the Internet is full of gurus and YouTubers that catch your attention with good titles designed specially to earn from you and waste your valuable time.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let’s take a look.

It all boils down to time and motivation.

Ask yourself, do you need someone to push you to do things, OR do you handle everything better on your own?

Instead of all the other answers, I’m going to give you options. Here’s the deal:

After you do, you must stick with it. The best way these days is to learn a skill (assuming you don’t already have one) and then teach it.

The Options:

1.YouTube! Make videos and grow a channel! This one doesn’t need an explanation these days.

2. Start up a blog on ANYTHING!

3. Monetize music on SoundCloud (random but maybe you love music)

4. Amazon Affiliate — If someone clicks your link to an Amazon item, you get a percent.

5. Teach a course on a subscription education service like Lynda (Tough but some of these guys make 100K…a month).

6. Drop Shipping: To in-depth to be summed up into one sentence

7. Money on Twitter (if you get like 1.0m followers) by giving smaller accounts shout-outs.

8. Monetize a Facebook page that posts funny content

9. Redesign local websites.

10. Take pictures and sell them on Fotolia/istockphotos!

11. Think of an app idea and use Quora to find someone who can make it happen.

12. Famous on social media? Use a link shortener to get paid when people click your link.

13. Order things from china and sell them on eBay

14. Know how to do everything, become a virtual assistant for some CEO…

15. Domain Flipping! If you are rich already and doing this for kicks, buy a bunch of .com’s and sell them like, 40 years for now for…A LOT.

You can turn any of these into a small business and then automate it. If you start thinking at 18, start it at 19, and generated income by 20. Imagine where you’ll be by 21. The idea isn’t to get rich. It’s to start now so later on…you set!

But, the deadly part is the money. If you focus on it, your motivation will dwindle and die. Instead, focus on the bigger picture.

“The best way to make money is to not think about making money” — Not Enough People.

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