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Caught In The Labyrinth Of Life

I am where I am

I am who I am

Because of a certain reason

It could be my choice

It could be my only choice

It could be there is no other choice

It could be the right way

It could be the best way

It could be the only way I know

It could be the only way out there

It could be there’s no other way

It could be the easiest way

It could be the only possible way

It could be the best one when I needed one

It could be the next best thing against nothing

Whatever it is as long as it will take me to my destination,

why would I mind

As long as it answers all my questions,

I won’t care

As long as it makes my dreams come true,

I will embrace it with open arms.

But what if it is the reason for my failure?

What if it is the cause of all my miseries?

What if it is a reason that may lose my grip on this so-called life?

Will I allow frustration to control me?

Will I live in desperation?

Will I lose hope?

Will I call it quits?

Am I going to say it’s over and I’m done?

Am I going to start the blaming game?

And blame myself?

Of course not

If my dream doesn’t come true, make another one

If the shoe does not fit, buy another one

If it is dark, turn on the light

If it does not work out, don’t walkout

If life gives me a lemon, make lemonade

If I can’t join them, beat them

If I can’t beat them, join them.

I just hang on.

I tie knots if they got loose

As the Swedish says: fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more;

whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more;

and all good things are yours.

Life is a sly

When I learned acceptance

When I have moved on,

It will pull me back.

Life is a labyrinth

I have to find my way

The way to get in

The way to make it through

The way to survive

How to be in one piece

How to breathe

How to get out

Which is the right way

However, life can be outwitted

Life may fool me some of the time but not all of the time

If only I allow it

But I am stronger and wiser than life

Whether the present or the future depends

On my hands or in destiny’s hand

On fate or with my faith

It is my life


Life must go on

No matter what.

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