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Obsession with a sport

From my childhood, I have been an ardent fan of cricket and have realized lately that it affects my mood whenever my team loses or wins

Photo by Alessandro Bogliari on Unsplash

I am addicted to cricket, a sport which is loved too much in my country and followed like a religion. People celebrate on the street when our team wins and sometimes criticize too harshly when they lose.

Though I am not the one who talks about the win or loss openly, it does have a lasting effect on my mood, just like when someone hears good or bad news. When the team wins, I enjoy every moment for at least two-three days, and it’s the opposite when they lose. In fact for me, in these tough times all around the world, it is the sole thing that makes me feel better than any other. I get too excited when there’s a match, and wait anxiously for it to start. I can’t watch while at my job, but my phone is constantly bothered by live updates.

Such has been the impact on me, I sometimes can’t even focus on the task I have on a match day, and sometimes when a five-day test match is on the final day and is sealed for a win or lose result isn’t gonna draw, I take a day off just to watch the game.

I don’t know whether this obsession is good or bad for me, but I know I love it too much and it’s the only thing that will be forever with me.

They say things shouldn’t control you and to be honest, I want to let this obsession go, but not its love, as much as it doesn’t affect my mood too much, I don’t want it to control my happiness or sadness.

So much I like it, that I follow every major team’s game, not just my team, even though I can’t watch them live, scores don’t go anywhere. Sometimes the game is at midnight or late at night and even in the early morning, and if I get awaked, the first thing I do is check the scorecard and then again go back to sleep.

It could, and what happens is when it becomes an obsession then it’s a problem. Not only is it not healthy for you, but you don’t get to enjoy the sport and the team as much, and really, for most people, it’s just toning it back down a little bit.

I know it’s not a good thing to be obsessed so much with it, but it seems to be out of my control to leave it no matter how much I try. I follow every fixture of every team, their news, which player is selected, who is playing, and even review the team performances just by conversing with myself.

I don’t want to lose my love of cricket, but the obsession I have with it which I believe is not a good thing to have.

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