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Wild flowers as we are

Uncertainties in certainty

Photo by Esteban Castle on Unsplash 

We are like wildflowers…


Of differing beauty, elegance…



Yet beauty is not what we all see…

Eerie things has its own share and place to fiction as to reality. Fiction and reality are just too far apart from the territories they operate yet so close enough as only a thin line delineates human emotions between them.

We have seen hundreds falling elsewhere in the vast sphere of our global community, even thousands and more, gasping for air until they are choked by a fatal fate, swallowed by sheer darkness.

It’s in the air, the most essential commodity we freely share is becoming more catastrophy laden like a powerful wind that devastates.

What we had heard and seen from a distant as something theatrical to our senses are now appearing around us in close proximity like creepy horrors sending signals chilling up to our spines.

Our heart weeps to those who were untimely blown by the winds on our sides. Everything becomes uncertain. The only certainty is that we are just like wildflowers…

We are like grass and wildflowers…

As King David narrated in his praises to the Lord:

“Our days on earth are like grass;

like wildflowers,

we bloom and die.

The wind blows,

and we are gone

– as though we had never been here.”

(Psalm 103:15-16, NLT)

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